Indoor winter sports

Many indoor ski centers have difficulty making snow because of major fluctuations in temperature and high levels of humidity. The indoor snow-making systems developed by TechnoAlpin are cleverly engineered to make the required amount of snow regardless of the indoor temperature and humidity levels. The snow guns are mounted to the ceiling, keeping them out of the way and allowing for the best possible distribution on the slope.


Great importance is attached to producing high quality snow. Only when the slopes are in optimum condition, can visitors enjoy their winter experience to the full. And depending on which activities will take place in the winter room, one can adjust the snow quality to ensure maximum pleasure. You might not know but dense snow is great for skiing, whereas fluffy aerated snow is fun to play in. Switching between snow qualities is a straightforward and convenient procedure thanks to the central control system that comes with the snow guns.


Our systems are already in use in places like Oberhof (GER), Druskininkai (LIT), and the Qiaobo Ice & Snow World in Shaoxing (CHI).


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