Mobility and versatility

TF10 Piano mobile


The main units of the snowmaker, such as the motor, compressor, electric cabinet and valve block, have been cleverly arranged around the centre line, and the center of gravity has been lowered, thus further increasing the machine's maneuverability and balance. In spite of its dimension it is just unimportant heavier than other fan guns.

TF10 Piano mounted on dismountable transport frame with jacks

With the new design and the optional two-part carriage, the mobile snowmaker can be easily converted to a fixed lift-mounted installation. The front section of the part carriage is removed from the snowcat blade with a few hand movements and the machine is linked up and attached directly to the lift carriage. The jacks and rear section of the carriage can then be dismantled.

TF10 Piano mounted on 1.6 m tower


These fixed installations are typically used for slope sections which are difficult to access and require large amounts of snow. The elevated position of the snow gun improves the snow output. The tower is a 1.6 m-high steel column. The mounting base is 20 cm high. Safety padding and impact protection are just as much part of the standard package as the service platform. The low weight of the system makes it easy to install.

TF10 Piano mounted on 3.5 m and 4.5 m lifts


With the fixed, lift-mounted installation, the snow gun is mounted on a steel column with an ascending and descending machine platform. This has a centering device to ease initial installation or to enable mid-air installations. The snow gun is operated by Bluetooth control or from the ground by means of an additional keyboard (optional) at eye level. Lifts are available in manual design, with HIT-TRAC 8 or as hydraulic systems. Snowmakers mounted on the manual lift can be lowered for maintenance work by means of a jack-hoist mechanism. The HIT-TRAC 8 lift can be operated with the HIT-TRAC 8 motor-driven rope pulling machine. The rope runs through the pulley assembly at the top of the lift and a return pulley on the carriage, thus raising and lowering the snow gun complete with carriage. With the hydraulic lift, the snowmaker is raised or lowered using an electric pump and hydraulic cylinder inside the lift column.

TF10 Piano mounted on 6 m and 10 m arms


The arm-mounted snowmaker is typically used on wide sections which receive very little snow and where wind conditions dictate that the snow gun be located on the actual slope. The snow guns are operated by Bluetooth control or by means of an additional keyboard at eye level. The optional extension of up to 2.5 m allows the system to be adapted to the terrain in any given case.