Technical components

Motorized lance head


The motorized head of the TL6 snow lance has 4 nozzle rings with 6 possible combinations. Optimum performance is also made possible by the latest-generation nucleators, paired with the tried-and-tested Rubis Evolution head.


The state-of-the-art EDA nucleators boast low air consumption, making the lance one of the most efficient on the market. Another outstanding feature is their innovative design which prevents the water from flowing back into the air circuit if the compressed air supply is cut off. This greatly increases the operational reliability of the lance. There is also a special heating system which keeps the head free of ice, even in adverse conditions.


The water in the nozzle ring is discharged by means of compressed air when the nozzles close. This keeps the snow quality consistently high and also stops the lance from icing over.


A motor in the lance head controls the opening and closing of the nozzles and the selection of the combinations. thereby obviating the need for valve solutions in the pit.


Lance construction


The TL6 also sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness. The new mount consists of a fixed base, a rotating upright and an optional cylinder for height adjustment. The lance pipe can therefore be fully lowered without having to remove air and water hoses. This greatly simplifies servicing work. The design also allows for the integration of an optional filter.

Weather station


Up-to-date weather information is needed so that the snow gun parameters can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions for optimum performance. The data collected in the weather station therefore always include the current air temperature and relative atmospheric humidity as a minimum. It is also possible to install sensors to measure the wind direction, wind speed and snow height.

YB valve


The automatic YB valve of pressure class PN100 regulates the snow gun water pressure, water flow rate and airflow. The opening and closing cycle includes water and air discharge. The valve has a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure.



For increased operational reliability, the TL6 has an optional filter which is fitted on the new mount. The filter can therefore be cleaned easily without having to climb down into the pit.