Technical components

Lance head


The further development of nucleators and nozzles is the reason for the outstanding reduction in air consumption of the V3ee. The nucleation process is better with the new nucleators, and the ambient air is used more efficiently. The nozzles have also been improved, resulting in a better spray action. Naturally, all the nozzles come with long-life ceramic inserts. A special heat transfer system keeps the lance head free of ice even in very cold temperatures and with a prevailing headwind - and without using additional energy.

Schneilanze, Lanze, Schneeerzeuger V3

Lance construction


The robust mechanical stand is made of galvanized steel to guarantee added stability and has plug-in connectors for easy installation. The height of the lance is adjusted by means of the hydraulic lifting cylinder. The electric cabinet is compact and easy to access.

Schneilanze, Lanze, Schneeerzeuger V3

Valve block


Another outstanding feature of the overground valve block with water filter is its excellent accessibility allowing rapid and simple cleaning of the filter and drains without having to climb down into the pit. Water and air can be connected easily without the risk of confusion, as the Camlock couplings are different sizes.


Schneilanze, Lanze, Schneeerzeuger V3



Up-to-date weather information is needed so that the snow gun parameters can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions for optimum performance. The data collected in the meteostation therefore always include the current air temperature and relative atmospheric humidity as a minimum. It is also possible to install sensors to measure the wind direction, wind speed and snow height.

Schneilanze, Lanze, Schneeerzeuger V3

YB valve


The automatic YB valve of pressure class PN100 regulates the snow gun water pressure, water flow rate and airflow. The opening and closing cycle includes water and air discharge. The valve has a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure.

Water filter


The water filter with seamless wedge wire filter insert made of nickel chromium steel guarantees fault-free operation, simple cleaning and long service life.

Plug-in base


The simple and sturdy plug-in connection of the mechanical stand makes it quick and efficient to fit on initial installation and just as easy to dismantle. The new plug-in base has a double hole gage and a flat base – therefore it is suitable for various pit and concrete foundations.