Pumping plants

The pumping plant is probably the most customized part of a snow-making system. It depends on the water supply, the size of the system and on countless other local needs. At the same time the pumping plant is the engine - or the beating heart - which drives the system. Any problems or failures here will bring the snow-making system down. It is therefore of fundamental importance not to leave anything to chance when it comes to the pumping plant. Even the best snow guns cannot perform without an efficient and guaranteed water supply. As such, the pumping plant is the heart of any snow-making system and cannot be an afterthought.


Consequently, every TechnoAlpin or MYNEIGE pumping plant is a tailor-made solution adapted to the site conditions in any given situation. A team of expert engineering draftsmen and project managers draw up the master plan for each system, specifying the dimensions for the pumping plants in each individual case.


A pumping plant has to perform in any circumstances. TechnoAlpin and MYNEIGE pumping plants are therefore designed to operate on standby with the safety circuits active at all times. For any kind of unforseen happenings the entire plant is allways in a safe state at zero current, i.e. either normally open or normally closed.


The pumping plants have their own software based control unit for individual specifications. Every pumping plant is linked with the ATASSplus communication system, thus making optimum use of the increasingly shorter windows of opportunity for snow-making.