Christmas 2015 – A gift to some very special people

This year, in lieu of Christmas gifts to our customers, TechnoAlpin USA will give the gift of skiing to some very special people. Our gift will be on behalf of all our resort customers. We have made a sizable contribution to the National Sports Center for the Disabled in support of their program at the Winter Park Resort. This program is the oldest, largest program of its kind in North America and has touched the lives of hundreds of participants who have disabilities. We in our industry know the impact our sport has on all that come to enjoy it. This is our opportunity to give the Christmas gift of skiing to many who could not experience it without our support.

TechnoAlpin spent a day with NSCD in early December. We drove into an unforecasted Colorado blizzard which made the photo shoot we had planned difficult but we learned a lot about this remarkable program. Although the Winter Park program is acknowledged to be the largest of its kind in North America, we know there are a lot of well-developed programs for the disabled supported by many of our resort customers. A special Merry Christmas to all of you.

We learned how challenging for the disabled our resorts can be. Parking lots, buses, stairs, and snow covered walk ways. We never thought about an icy handicap ramp until we rolled a day with our new friends. It is a struggle for many to get to the customized, actually MacGyvered equipment NSCD has set up for each person. Then comes the magic of what our sport can do. We and our sport, our snow, give the gift of not just mobility but, poetry in motion to those who could experience it in no other way.

For those NSCD is just teaching, they are learning poetry and the smiles on the faces we saw will make for the best Christmas gift we’ve ever given. We should all celebrate the joy we bring to people of all abilities, every day of the season.

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