Industrial testing facilities

Until now it has only been possible to test the effect of snow on technical products in the winter. The high level of dependency on external factors and the amount of time and money involved used to pose major problems for the industry. Thanks to the TechnoAlpin systems, real conditions can now be simulated on the test rigs. This means that components can be tested regardless of the place or time of year. It is also possible to reproduce conditions so that the results of different test runs can be compared.


The basic prerequisite for using the test conduit is the production of dry, powdery snow in next to no time. This is guaranteed thanks to the innovative systems developed by TechnoAlpin.


The Deutsche Bahn has defined TechnoAlpin engineering as the best available technology for the material tests on its brake linings. The systems are also in use at Audi in Ingolstadt (GER) and at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg (GER).


Aside from the tests on industrial products, these new possibilities are of benefit to the outdoor industry. Material and equipment can be tested in a wide and diverse range of conditions and presented to the public in a spectacular fashion. This is another job for which the TechnoAlpin Snow Rooms are suited.


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