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With a passion for success: 25 years of TechnoAlpin


Walter Rieder, Georg Eisath and Erich Gummerer founded TechnoAlpin in 1990. It was only after the first winter that sales brought in enough money for the three to employ an assistant. Twenty-five years later, TechnoAlpin is a flourishing international company with 400 employees. In this interview, Erich Gummerer and Walter Rieder explain why.

How did the TechnoAlpin story start?
Walter Rieder: "It all began at the start of the 1980s in the ski resort of Obereggen (South Tyrol, ITA). A snow gun was imported there from the USA after several winters with very little snowfall. It cost a small fortune back then but it didn't work because it wasn't designed for the borderline temperatures south of the Alps. Georg Eisath and I were managers at the time and so we tried to build a snow gun ourselves with standard commercially available parts. It actually worked quite reasonably so our employer, Obereggen AG, bought it off us and so we had some money in our pockets again to keep tinkering on the project. Back then we hadn't even begun to think that we could make a success of it. We just wanted to build machines and solve a problem in our ski resort. One by one the ski resorts in the surrounding area signaled their interest and so we eventually set up a company called WI.TE which stood for Wintertechnik or winter technology. The company was based in a garage in Eggental. It took until 1990 for us engineers to realize that we needed a businessman. We had known Erich Gummerer for a long time. We gave some thought to the new international direction, came up with the new name and set up TechnoAlpin in 1990."

There were already some big players in the market back then. What was it in the early years that was critical for your success?
Erich Gummerer: “The prerequisites were an international focus and a reliable product. We were ridiculed in the early 1990s when we wanted to sell our snow guns to Japan. We were advised to get established in the Alps first. But we were convinced that you have to take an international approach in this niche market. And for that you need very reliable products. If something goes wrong on your doorstep, you can quickly put it right again. But if something is broken at the other side of the world, that costs an enormous amount of time and money. That still holds true today. That’s why we place great emphasis on quality control when the goods come in and during the manufacturing process. Every step is monitored so we don’t have any problems in the field. Another factor was that every project was equally important to us from the beginning. Some competitors had stopped taking small orders and were only concentrating on large-scale systems. We also valued and still value customers who only buy or rent one single machine."

25 years on the company has a worldwide workforce of around 400 employees serving over 1,800 customers in 48 different countries. Sales amounted to approximately € 130 million in the last financial year. What distinguishes TechnoAlpin today?
Walter Rieder: “Snowmaking is only one requirement. It’s always generating top-quality snow, continually optimizing energy efficiency and constantly simplifying handling for the customer - that’s what makes us stand out. Good snow guns by themselves are not enough. You need the whole package. The system must be correctly dimensioned and designed, and the snow guns installed correctly. The software must be able to do more than just control the system. It must be designed so that it also facilitates the planning of the snow season. And of course the service package must fit the bill. We never rest on our laurels but are constantly striving to improve and develop. Each of us has a passion for snow and that sets us apart.”

What do you see as the biggest challenge for TechnoAlpin?
Erich Gummerer: "The markets for our products are very different, in some cases acutely so. The ski resorts in Europe are well aware that an efficient snowmaking system is the basis for their value added. Automatic hybrid systems comprising fan guns and lances are the standard technology. The situation is completely different in the new markets, as they are called. Whereas mostly automatic and modern systems are installed in new developments, we still have to do a lot of work explaining the benefits of the systems in existing ski resorts. Many relatively small ski resorts are still happy to work with manual systems. We have developed a product range to cater for these needs as well. These are just some examples to illustrate the wide spectrum of requirements we are dealing with on a daily basis. Each market has its own peculiarities and we have to bear these in mind, whether in terms of products or culture or at an entirely practical level to do with import regulations and contracts. This internationalization is definitely the biggest challenge for a company the size of TechnoAlpin."

What do you wish for on your 25th anniversary?
Erich Gummerer: "Skiing is the most fantastic sport in the world as far as I am concerned. It is an outdoor pursuit, usually in breathtaking scenery. In recent years, however, winter sports have often been made a scapegoat in public discourse. Yet winter sports generate an enormous amount of added value, especially in regions with little to offer by way of alternatives. The energy consumed in the process is not higher than in other leisure pursuits and vacation activities. My wish would be for the ski resorts, associations and industry to join forces to raise awareness and restore their tainted image."

23. Sep 2016

TechnoAlpin secures contract in Wanlong, China

16. Sep 2016

New record for the production of the 1000th fan gun!

09. Sep 2016

World Cup destinations Adelboden and Wengen opt for TechnoAlpin

02. Sep 2016

Customers’ feedback – the key to greater satisfaction

26. Aug 2016

TF10 Piano – energy conservation on the quiet

19. Aug 2016

Working at TechnoAlpin: interviews with interns

12. Aug 2016

TechnoAlpin and Norefjell: A fruitful collaboration

05. Aug 2016

The new TechnoAlpin welding shop

29. Jul 2016

Madonna di Campiglio – a long-term partnership

22. Jul 2016

Snowfactory - a look at its development and future

15. Jul 2016

Major projects in Central Europe!

11. Jul 2016

TechnoAlpin becomes FIS product partner

08. Jul 2016

A Science Director to keep the lead on innovation!

01. Jul 2016

40 years, the age of experience...!!

24. Jun 2016

New equipment in training room at TechnoAlpin headquarters

17. Jun 2016

Our project managers are IPMA fit!

15. Jun 2016

News from Nepal!

10. Jun 2016

Weather Forecast now available for Liberty!

03. Jun 2016

The snowmaking season in the southern hemisphere has started!

27. May 2016

The TF10 manual

17. May 2016

Opening celebration for the new headquarters of TechnoAlpin Austria

13. May 2016

New TechnoAlpin Meteo Station

06. May 2016

Professional summer service for reliable systems

29. Apr 2016

New control system for Kronplatz

22. Apr 2016

Spring trade shows!

15. Apr 2016

The new Snow Experts Magazine is here!

08. Apr 2016

Made-to-measure master plan for each project

01. Apr 2016

TechnoAlpin protection covers – for protection and appearance

25. Mar 2016

TechnoAlpin Snowmaker Days – a great success

18. Mar 2016

Forum Alpitec – Discussing the future of Snowmaking

11. Mar 2016

Valle Nevado: Cast-iron snow guarantee

04. Mar 2016

Stefan Sterr reports on the ALPINAL system

26. Feb 2016

New subsidiary of TechnoAlpin in China

19. Feb 2016

Colorful snow from the TF10

12. Feb 2016

Powerful guns at marginal temperatures

05. Feb 2016

Well-designed snowmaking system as the key to success

30. Jan 2016

ATASSplus update 2016

15. Jan 2016

Cross-country snow-making in Obergoms

08. Jan 2016

Local repair service

30. Dec 2015

TechnoAlpin will make the snow in Phoenix Park, Korea

22. Dec 2015

TechnoAlpin helps Nepal

18. Dec 2015

A special cake for TechnoAlpin

11. Dec 2015

Saint Sorlin d'Arves - Sybelles: Major Retrofit and Expansion

10. Dec 2015

The new fan products have arrived!

09. Dec 2015

Visit by delegation from the Ministry for the North Caucasus

04. Dec 2015

Interview 4 - Germano Alberti (Madonna di Campiglio, Italy)

30. Nov 2015

Snow for James Bond and World Cup races

27. Nov 2015

The winter season is coming!

20. Nov 2015

ATASSplus Update

13. Nov 2015

Need additional fire power? ...Look into used and demo guns opportunities

06. Nov 2015

TechnoAlpin at Ski Build Expo and ExpoAndes

30. Oct 2015

TechnoAlpin provides snow for indoor ski centers in China and Egypt

23. Oct 2015

World Cup opening on TechnoAlpin snow

22. Oct 2015

24h Service Hotline in Operation

16. Oct 2015

1000th fan gun milestones already reached!

09. Oct 2015

Special offer price on snow-making hoses and cover mats

02. Oct 2015

The Snowfactory in Geilo is hard at work

25. Sep 2015

New 12m arm for FIS Women's World Cup 2016

18. Sep 2015

New Snow Experts Magazine out now!

11. Sep 2015

Söll modernizes its snowmaking system

04. Sep 2015

With a passion for success: 25 years of TechnoAlpin

28. Aug 2015

Interview 3 – Florent Jacquemoud (Les Arcs, France)

21. Aug 2015

Snow generation 101

14. Aug 2015

ALPINAL® training in Cervinia

07. Aug 2015

Snow production under northern lights

31. Jul 2015

TL6 – 2 steps ahead

24. Jul 2015

Arkhyz, TechnoAlpin makes snow in the Northern Caucasus!

17. Jul 2015

Interview 2 – Patrick Peintner (Catedral Alta Patagonia S.A., ARG)

10. Jul 2015

TechnoAlpin Nordic

02. Jul 2015

Stefan Sterr joins TechnoAlpin

26. Jun 2015

Customer Survey for enhanced satisfaction!

19. Jun 2015

Strong sales season start for TechnoAlpin France

12. Jun 2015

The new spare-parts shop is here!

05. Jun 2015

Tony Kewish - Snowmaker Interview

29. May 2015

The efficiency of TechnoAlpin snow guns

22. May 2015

Snow Glistens on the Southern Peaks

18. May 2015

ALPINAL® - The only pipe system ideal for snow-making systems

08. May 2015

Saalbach – the partnership continues

01. May 2015

The XXI edition of Interalpin is over

24. Apr 2015

Snow Experts Magazine 2015/01

17. Apr 2015

TechnoAlpin Down Undern

10. Apr 2015

TechnoAlpin at the Interalpin 2015 trade show

03. Apr 2015

Once again, TechnoAlpin raises standards in snow-making Technology

27. Mar 2015

Ready for the summer with TechnoAlpin protection covers

20. Mar 2015

TechnoAlpin, partner of the 2015 Biathlon World Championships

13. Mar 2015

Annual meeting with snow-makers

11. Mar 2015

Strong Partnership with Bansko

06. Mar 2015

2015 Training Courses Underway

04. Mar 2015

All new TechnoAlpin Shop

27. Feb 2015

The World Cup in Saalbach

23. Feb 2015

TF10 & Rubis Evo: the best on the market

13. Feb 2015

Regular maintenance of the pumping plants by TechnoAlpin

06. Feb 2015

International Sales Meeting 2015

30. Jan 2015

The new 2015 ATASSplus update has arrived

23. Jan 2015

Madonna di Campiglio – where experts meet

16. Jan 2015

2015 Training Courses

09. Jan 2015

All set for 2015 Tour de Ski

30. Dec 2014

Further expansion in Shahdag (Azerbaijan)

26. Dec 2014

The laughter of a child

24. Dec 2014

The product that makes the difference at marginal temperatures

19. Dec 2014

The spotlights are back on the 3Tre

12. Dec 2014

New projects for TechnoAlpin

10. Dec 2014

The new winter season gets underway

05. Dec 2014

What does Hanspeter Hochwieser do?

03. Dec 2014

Partnership between Saalbach Hinterglemm and TechnoAlpin continues

28. Nov 2014

The thousandth fan gun goes to Alpendorf

21. Nov 2014

The importance of client feedback

14. Nov 2014

The Levi Black is back

07. Nov 2014

Snow generation 365 days a year, thanks to TechnoAlpin

31. Oct 2014

Service-Hotline active

24. Oct 2014

All set in Sölden

21. Oct 2014

Special offer on snow hoses and covering mats

17. Oct 2014

TechnoAlpin at Ski Build 2014 in Moscow

10. Oct 2014

Minimum sound and environmental impact with TechnoAlpin

03. Oct 2014

New edition of Snow Experts Magazine

26. Sep 2014

TechnoAlpin at the Intermountain 2014 trade show

26. Sep 2014

Auction of a special T60

19. Sep 2014

Snow guns: secondhand but first class

12. Sep 2014

Plant maintenance

05. Sep 2014

Maximum optimization in the spare-parts warehouse

29. Aug 2014

New projects for TechnoAlpin

26. Aug 2014

27 new fan guns for Snow King Resort

22. Aug 2014

Logistics serving our customers

18. Aug 2014

Carquefou, one of the hearts of TechnoAlpin’s R&D

08. Aug 2014

Optimization starts from the head

01. Aug 2014

Trust in TechnoAlpin

25. Jul 2014

Schools visit TechnoAlpin

11. Jul 2014

Great success for the 2014 training sessions

04. Jul 2014

Soldeu wins the World Cup with TechnoAlpin

27. Jun 2014

What does Elmar Walder do?

20. Jun 2014

Villard de Lans: Expansion and optimization project

13. Jun 2014

Safety and efficiency: optimisation of snow-making systems

06. Jun 2014

Snow-capped peaks Down Under

30. May 2014

Measuring snow height with TechnoAlpin

23. May 2014

Premiere for TechnoAlpin

16. May 2014

1,800 satisfied customers in 48 countries worldwide

09. May 2014

Annual meeting with snow-makers

08. May 2014

TF10 & Rubis Evo: the best on the market

02. May 2014

Success at spring trade fairs

24. Apr 2014

Snow Experts Magazine has arrived!

18. Apr 2014

TechnoAlpin attends the Mountain Planet fair

16. Apr 2014

The only partner you need

11. Apr 2014

The Remarkables renew their trust in TechnoAlpin

04. Apr 2014

TechnoAlpin Live 2014

02. Apr 2014

Reliable systems guaranteed, thanks to TechnoAlpin's Customer Service department

28. Mar 2014

Ready for the summer with TechnoAlpin protection covers

21. Mar 2014

Master Plan

14. Mar 2014

The thousandth gun installed at Cerro Catedral (ARG)

07. Mar 2014

2014 training courses have started

28. Feb 2014

International Sales Meeting 2014

21. Feb 2014

TechnoAlpin at Sochi 2014

14. Feb 2014

The new ATASSplus update is here!

07. Feb 2014

Olympic Park in Prague

31. Jan 2014

Double date at Kranjska Gora

24. Jan 2014

Regular maintenance of the pumping plants by TechnoAlpin

17. Jan 2014

Guaranteed efficiency thanks to TechnoAlpin

10. Jan 2014

Protecting the environment in Arosa and Carezza

03. Jan 2014

Eighth edition of the Tour de Ski comes to an end

27. Dec 2013

All set at Bormio

20. Dec 2013

The Winter Universiade in Trentino comes to a successful conclusion

13. Dec 2013

What’s new in our online shop

06. Dec 2013

Everything ready for the winter season

29. Nov 2013

Handmade Quality For Over Twenty Years

22. Nov 2013

Service-Hotline active

20. Nov 2013

Snow guns: secondhand but first class

15. Nov 2013

See what’s new in our online shop

08. Nov 2013

Optimal snow even with marginal temperatures

31. Oct 2013

The new TechnoAlpin magazine is out!

25. Oct 2013

TF10 solves noise problem at the Kappe

18. Oct 2013

TechnoAlpin is coming to the autumn fairs

11. Oct 2013

Special offer on hoses and protection mats

04. Oct 2013

TechnoAlpin at INTERLAVEX 2013

27. Sep 2013

The right snow gun in the right place

20. Sep 2013

The Ski World Cup is back

13. Sep 2013

A 25-year partnership

06. Sep 2013

TechnoAlpin makes its presence felt in China, too

30. Aug 2013

Expansion of the snowmaking system in Gerlos

23. Aug 2013

TechnoAlpin training courses re-confirm the success of past years

16. Aug 2013

Water supply security for Laax

09. Aug 2013

Efficiency begins at the planning stage

02. Aug 2013

Production department at full speed

26. Jul 2013

Work begins at Verbier-Bruson

19. Jul 2013

What is Stephan Psenner up to ....

12. Jul 2013

Internship at TechnoAlpin

05. Jul 2013

Supplying the water for Monte Amiata

28. Jun 2013

Minimizing noise impact with TechnoAlpin snow guns

21. Jun 2013

Water at the right temperature for greater energy efficiency

14. Jun 2013

Hochgurgl relies on TechnoAlpin quality

07. Jun 2013

Quality and competence are always a priority at TechnoAlpin

31. May 2013

Down under: ski season just around the corner

24. May 2013

TechnoAlpin at the spring fairs

17. May 2013

New pumping plant for Bukovel

10. May 2013

Perisher turns white

03. May 2013

TechnoAlpin electrants

26. Apr 2013

V3ee - energy conservation starts in the head

19. Apr 2013

Impressions of the Interalpin

12. Apr 2013

Welcome to the new issue of Snow Experts Magazine!

05. Apr 2013

Is it “just” a pit?

29. Mar 2013

Interalpin: a record breaking twentieth edition is expected!

22. Mar 2013

Snow operations manager - a job in rhythm with the seasons

14. Mar 2013

New ATASSplus Update available

08. Mar 2013

Ready for the summer with TechnoAlpin protection covers

01. Mar 2013

TechnoAlpin’s big gun proves its worth

22. Feb 2013

The World Championship of the Trentino and Italy gets started

15. Feb 2013

The right snow gun in the right place

08. Feb 2013

Training courses are running again

01. Feb 2013

The most awaited event of the season is ready

25. Jan 2013

Regular maintenance for optimum performance

18. Jan 2013

The world luge natural track championships are set to start

11. Jan 2013

Datalogger for meteostations

04. Jan 2013

Sights are set on the 2013 Tour de Ski

28. Dec 2012

Pure adrenaline on the Stelvio at Bormio

21. Dec 2012

1,000th snow gun goes to Poland

14. Dec 2012

Madonna di Campiglio returns to the World Cup

07. Dec 2012

TechnoAlpin’s new Online Shop

30. Nov 2012

Europe opens for skiing

23. Nov 2012

TF10 puts in an impressive performance Down Under

16. Nov 2012

TechnoAlpin together with Fiemme 2013

09. Nov 2012

Levi Black is back

02. Nov 2012

TechnoAlpin’s Service Hotline is here

31. Oct 2012

Winter is coming

26. Oct 2012

TechnoAlpin at the Moscow Ski&Board Show

24. Oct 2012

Here comes the World Cup season 2012/2013

19. Oct 2012

The latest Snow Experts Magazine has just come out!

12. Oct 2012

Autumn special offer

05. Oct 2012

The V3 and T40 make a splash

28. Sep 2012

“Enjoy the Snow” with TechnoAlpin

21. Sep 2012

TechnoAlpin will be at the InterMountain trade show in the autumn

14. Sep 2012

Success story of ski resort of Cerro Castor

07. Sep 2012

Company internship

31. Aug 2012

TechnoAlpin in the App Store

24. Aug 2012

Hand-operated yet high-tech

17. Aug 2012

New Service section

10. Aug 2012

“Engineering & Construction” department at top speed

03. Aug 2012

All white Down Under

27. Jul 2012

Automation for Ascou

20. Jul 2012

Training courses hit the spot

13. Jul 2012

New standards in Kayseri

06. Jul 2012

Snow guns: secondhand but first class

29. Jun 2012

Schools visit TechnoAlpin

22. Jun 2012

TechnoAlpin visits Saint Gobain

15. Jun 2012

3D Plans

08. Jun 2012

The season gets off to an early start Down Under

01. Jun 2012

TechnoAlpin and your end-of-season snow gun servicing 2012

25. May 2012

The first edition of Snow Experts Magazine in 2012 is out now

18. May 2012

New season in New Zealand

11. May 2012

Master Plan

04. May 2012

Trade show impressions

27. Apr 2012

PLC Programming

20. Apr 2012

The new ones at TechnoAlpin

13. Apr 2012

TechnoAlpin at Trade Shows

06. Apr 2012

Cover Promotion 2012

30. Mar 2012

Snow-makers Convention

23. Mar 2012

Alpine Ski World Cup Finals at Schladming

16. Mar 2012

Biathlon World Championships at Ruhpolding

07. Mar 2012

Guaranteed water supply on site.

02. Mar 2012

Bansko in double act

23. Feb 2012

German Ski Association (DSV) sets its skis on TechnoAlpin

17. Feb 2012

Snowboard elite in Oslo

10. Feb 2012

Val di Fiemme is ready.

03. Feb 2012

International Sales Meeting 2012

27. Jan 2012

Pump engineers travel the world

20. Jan 2012

TechnoAlpin and Innovag venture forth together

13. Jan 2012

Dress rehearsal for Val di Fiemme

03. Jan 2012

TechnoAlpin lances on the road to success

28. Dec 2011

World Cup stars train in Pfelders

23. Dec 2011

Erich Gummerer voted Manager of the Year

09. Dec 2011

Winter at last!

02. Dec 2011

Lift assembly on PE pit

25. Nov 2011

Gigantic reservoir in Canada

18. Nov 2011

Service department ready for action

11. Nov 2011

Kessu Oy celebrates another decade

04. Nov 2011

Skiing instructors visit TechnoAlpin

28. Oct 2011

US team dominates in Sölden

21. Oct 2011

Overground valve block - a success story

14. Oct 2011

High quality at a low price

11. Oct 2011

Interlavex 2011 - impressions

07. Oct 2011

Astún's modernization is up and running

30. Sep 2011

T40 and V3 put on an impressive performance in the southern hemisphere

26. Sep 2011

In loving memory of our friend Alexander Ellecosta

23. Sep 2011

TechnoAlpin at Interlavex 2011

16. Sep 2011

Bukovel – a winter fairy tale

09. Sep 2011

Skilift Pany to invest in guaranteed snow

02. Sep 2011

Cartridges of the water filter in wedge wire

26. Aug 2011

Ski resort operators meet in Iceland

19. Aug 2011

Summer Internships at TechnoAlpin

12. Aug 2011

Compressor Exchange Summer Campaign

05. Aug 2011

Scandinavia gets set

29. Jul 2011

The polyethylene shelter wins unanimous approval

22. Jul 2011

Snow made by …

15. Jul 2011

Long season thanks to snow depot

08. Jul 2011

Logistical masterstroke for Changbaishan

01. Jul 2011

Start of the season in Coronet Peak

24. Jun 2011

TechnoAlpin pumping plants - a model of reliability

17. Jun 2011

Success story in Kyrgyzstan

10. Jun 2011

Energy conservation thanks to efficient water cooling

03. Jun 2011

Training courses prove a big hit

27. May 2011

Awards for Obereggen and Zillertal Arena

20. May 2011

Snow at Falls Creek

13. May 2011

Interalpin 2011 - impressions

06. May 2011

Snow Experts Magazine: new issue!

29. Apr 2011

Happy Birthday T40 & V3

22. Apr 2011

Self-controlled and level-headed

15. Apr 2011

TechnoAlpin at Interalpin 11

08. Apr 2011

Covers - for protection and appearance

01. Apr 2011

Spectacular pump replacement in La Plagne

25. Mar 2011

New version of ATASSplus sets new standards

21. Mar 2011

Michael Walchhofer ends his career

18. Mar 2011

Snowfall record in Trysil

11. Mar 2011

Unforgettable Championships in Olso

03. Mar 2011

Innerhofer coasts to victory in Bansko on TechnoAlpin snow

25. Feb 2011

Snow reliability 1,000 times over

18. Feb 2011

Make sure you're ahead of the game!

11. Feb 2011

Skiing event on the Großer Arber / Zwiesel

04. Feb 2011

TechnoAlpin 2011 International Sales Meeting

28. Jan 2011

15. Night Race Schladming

21. Jan 2011

V3 passes the test

14. Jan 2011

Premier in Ruhpolding

07. Jan 2011

Full TechnoAlpin range for Tauplitz ski resort

31. Dec 2010

20 Years with one objective - Happy Winter Sports Enthusiasts!

30. Dec 2010

Michael Walchhofer glides to victory on TechnoAlpin snow

24. Dec 2010

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year for 2011!

20. Dec 2010

Michael Walchhofer triumphs in Val Gardena (ITA)

17. Dec 2010

Wet bulb calculator now available as an app

10. Dec 2010

TechnoAlpin Austria sponsors Michael Walchhofer

03. Dec 2010

TechnoAlpin Service-Hotline: Always there for you

26. Nov 2010

Engineering Award for Coronet Peak and TechnoAlpin

19. Nov 2010

The 1000th fan gun heads for Folgaria

12. Nov 2010

Production record at TechnoAlpin

11. Nov 2010

20 years of TechnoAlpin - Anniversary offers

04. Nov 2010

LEVI (FIN) – World Cup run open

29. Oct 2010

T40 on permanent assignment

22. Oct 2010

TechnoAlpin protection mats – Keeping your slopes safe

15. Oct 2010

Ski slopes are not the only places that need snow

08. Oct 2010

First snow in Europe

01. Oct 2010

20 Years with one objective - Happy Winter Sports Enthusiasts!

24. Sep 2010

Michael Walchhofer glides to victory on TechnoAlpin snow

17. Sep 2010

TechnoAlpin at the InterMountain 2010

10. Sep 2010

Start-up of new test facilities

03. Sep 2010

Snow guns: secondhand but first class

27. Aug 2010

The first T40s will be delivered to Tauplitz

20. Aug 2010

TechnoAlpin on the move

13. Aug 2010

TechnoAlpin snows for world champions

06. Aug 2010

Fun-packed ski holidays in Iran thanks to TechnoAlpin

30. Jul 2010

Everything under one roof

23. Jul 2010

TechnoAlpin takes a lead in environmental protection issues

16. Jul 2010

A webcam for the pumping plant

09. Jul 2010

Never miss out with the ATASSplus update agreement

02. Jul 2010

New: Online shop from TechnoAlpin

25. Jun 2010

Snow Experts Magazine: New Issue!

18. Jun 2010

FIS Ski World Cup calendar approved

11. Jun 2010

Winter sports – today's trends

04. Jun 2010

First snow in the southern hemisphere

28. May 2010

Nozzles with ceramic insert - a tried and tested design

21. May 2010

Cycling spectacle at the Plan de Corones

14. May 2010

TechnoAlpin headquarters will be inaugurated in September

07. May 2010

T60 fan blade heating - as standard

30. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin customers receive awards

23. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin photo competition: The winners have been selected!

16. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin LIVE 2010!

09. Apr 2010

V3: the new TechnoAlpin lance

02. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin at SAM 2010

26. Mar 2010

TechnoAlpin’s range is expanding with the new T40!

19. Mar 2010

Alpitec and TechnoAlpin LIVE 2010

12. Mar 2010

TechnoAlpin brings the first automatic system to China

05. Mar 2010

Winter sports in the town center

28. Feb 2010

"Lens focused on TechnoAlpin": The great photography competition on the subject of snow-making

26. Feb 2010

Gardena Valley turns to automation

18. Feb 2010

International Sales Meeting 2010 di TechnoAlpin

05. Feb 2010

Juniors on TechnoAlpin snow

29. Jan 2010

Schladming night race: a sporting spectacle on TechnoAlpin snow

22. Jan 2010

Snow King Mountain: Final preparations before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

15. Jan 2010

The Haus im Ennstal World Cup Lindsey Vonn secures a hat trick

01. Jan 2010

TechnoAlpin, trusted partner at the Bormio World Cup

25. Dec 2009

TechnoAlpin is OHSAS 18001-certified

15. Dec 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

11. Dec 2009

Hochzeiger: most improved resort of 2010

04. Dec 2009

TechnoAlpin signs a contract with a Russian investor for a project in the Altai region

27. Nov 2009

Record snow gun production at TechnoAlpin

20. Nov 2009

Perfect conditions for the World Cup in Levi

13. Nov 2009

First snow-making installation in Mongolia

06. Nov 2009

Commissioning of a TechnoAlpin snowmaking system

28. Oct 2009

Snowmaking hose offer

23. Oct 2009

The first snow!

16. Oct 2009

TechnoAlpin Software ATASSplus: easy, efficient, reliable – making snow with a grip

09. Oct 2009

TechnoAlpin at INTERLAVEX 2009

02. Oct 2009

Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang (AUT) nominated "Europe's best developed ski resort"

25. Sep 2009

Bluetooth®: snowmaking controls without getting out of your seat

18. Sep 2009

New edition of Snow Experts Magazine!

11. Sep 2009

The TechnoAlpin range of used machines: secondhand but first class

04. Sep 2009

Mönichkirchen-Mariensee (AUT) ski complex (AUT): excellent slopes for satisfied customers.

28. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin project: Nordic Center Notschrei (GER)

21. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin provides the snow for the World Champions

14. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin at Swiss Alpina

07. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin offers an insight into the working world

31. Jul 2009

New Zealand show case TechnoAlpin to Korean decision makers

24. Jul 2009

The TechnoAlpin’s T60 design continues to build consensus

17. Jul 2009

TechnoAlpin's pump station: the heart of snow-making systems

10. Jul 2009

Gstaad continues to rely on snow safety by TechnoAlpin

03. Jul 2009

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser–Brixental “best ski area for advanced skiers”

26. Jun 2009

Technology TechnoAlpin: Hydromat WO

19. Jun 2009

Customers in 39 countries worldwide: a logistics challenge for TechnoAlpin

12. Jun 2009

Snowmaking system upgrade for Folgaria

05. Jun 2009

TechnoAlpin at the annual meetings of the NSAA and ANEF

29. May 2009

Alpine Ski World Cup: 2009/10 competition calendar

22. May 2009

The new PE pit: the flyweight champion

15. May 2009

TechnoAlpin passes the 200 employees mark

08. May 2009

Perisher bustling with preparations for the winter season

01. May 2009

TechnoAlpin customer trip to Levi

17. Apr 2009

NEW: The above-ground valve block from TechnoAlpin

10. Apr 2009

Snow Experts Magazine: Latest issue!

03. Apr 2009

TechnoAlpin at Interalpin 09

27. Mar 2009

TechnoAlpin snow made by Salou Amidou from Niger

20. Mar 2009

Start of construction work on the new TechnoAlpin headquarters

13. Mar 2009

TechnoAlpin Sales Team in ski dress by Marc Girardelli

06. Mar 2009

Bansko & Kranjska Gora: a World Cup newcomer and a regular go for snow from TechnoAlpin

27. Feb 2009

Protective padding from TechnoAlpin for enhanced safety

20. Feb 2009

Plot of land transferred to TechnoAlpin

13. Feb 2009

TechnoAlpin’s International Sales Meeting in Oberstdorf

06. Feb 2009

TechnoAlpin employs oil-free compressors from Kaeser

30. Jan 2009

Design award for TechnoAlpin’s T60

23. Jan 2009

Zauchensee goes for mobile snow guns from the house of TechnoAlpin

16. Jan 2009

Enterprise “Ski Resorts of Serbia” go for full automation courtesy of TechnoAlpin

09. Jan 2009

FIS Ski World Cup in Zagreb: delighted athletes and happy organizers

02. Jan 2009

TechnoAlpin again lets it snow for the World Cup in Bormio