Dimensional data
Gun length (A)5‘ - 7“
Gun width (B)3‘ - 11.2“
Gun height (H)6‘ - 8.7“
Length max. (A1)9‘ - 10“
Length without steering (A2)8‘ - 10.9“
Length without front jack7‘ - 8.5“
Width max. (B1)7‘ - 8.5“
Width [wheels] (B2)6‘ - 6.7“
Total-height (H1)7‘ - 10.5“
Guns weight1,267.66 lbs
Undercarriage with jacks363.76 lbs
KIT for mobile carriage tow (GRPT0013)187.39 lbs
Electrical data
Nominal voltage USA480V/60 Hz
Nominal voltage Canada600V/60 Hz
Connection plug4x60 A
Nominal current at 480 V33 A
Nominal current at 600 V24 A
Nominal power - largest motor (turbine)16.76 HP
Compressor5.36 HP
Heating0.67 to 2.41 HP
Miscellaneous technical data
Horizontal rotation360 deg
Automatic swing180 deg
Turbine inclination45 deg
Operating water pressure116 to 580 psi
Water filter250 micron
Fixed nozzles type Quadrijet6
Operable nozzles type Quadrijet12
Control unit - PLC1
Connection water - Camlock2“