Technical components

Nozzle ring


All TechnoAlpin fan guns are fitted with hard-wearing Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic inserts. The ceramic inserts guarantee a high level of durability and resistance even when used with aggressive water. The four-jet technology is used to optimize and equalize the spray action and therefore to guarantee top snow quality. This technology has been proving its efficiency since 1992. The heating system in the nozzle ring operates selectively which results in reduced energy consumption.

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Valve technology & water filter


Nozzles can cut in and out on all TechnoAlpin fan guns depending on the temperature. This keeps the snow quality consistently high. This regulation can be a simple and infinitely variable process thanks to the valve block. The seamless water filter insert is a WEDGE WIRE-type filter made of high-quality nickel chromium steel and is integrated in the valve block to save space. The fact that it has no weld seams makes it extremely durable.

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Oil-free compressor


All the snow guns produced by TechnoAlpin since 1999 have been fitted with an aluminum oil-free piston compressor with integrated cooling circuit. The snow guns can be positioned at any angle thanks to this system. The oil-free compressor supplied by Kaeser boasts excellent green credentials in guaranteeing that not one single drop of oil will leach into the environment. An oil-free piston compressor also consumes less energy at the same rate of air flow. Oil-free compressors do not require an annual service. With no oil filters, trap cartridges, oil level monitors and stationary heating installations, this all adds up to a reduction in annual running costs.

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The turbine with externally-mounted motor achieves a high air throughput and thus guarantees a high snow output. With a fan output of 12.5 kW and 4 kW of compressor power, the T40 boasts excellent energy specifications. An optional blade heating system can be fitted to prevent breakdowns in adverse weather conditions.

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Up-to-date weather information is needed so that the snow gun parameters can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions for optimum performance. The data collected in the meteostation therefore always include the current air temperature and relative atmospheric humidity as a minimum. It is also possible to install sensors to measure the wind direction, wind speed and snow height.

Schneeerzeuger, Schneekanone, Propellerschneeerzeuger T40 - Meteostation

Robust electronics


The electrical equipment complies with the applicable requirements in the relevant countries. The function and service life of some components can be adversely affected by frost therefore all such components are heated. The menu-driven control panel on the T40 has an illuminated, multi-line display which presents readings and information clearly. The electronic control unit ensures failure-free operation and optimum regulation.

Schneeerzeuger, Schneekanone, Propellerschneeerzeuger T40 - Unempfindliche Elektronik