General information on the TF10 Piano snow gun

The TF10 Piano is a fully automatic, low-pressure fan gun. It can be supplied as a mobile machine or as a fixed installation, mounted on a lift, 1.6 m tower or arm. The TF10 Piano combines the efficient performance and projection range of the TF10 with even lower noise emission. This is made possible by special sound insulation cladding on the turbine, a soundproof cover and special air filters on the compressor. The TF10 Piano can be operated at partial load thanks to a frequency inverter integrated in the electric cabinet. The motor speed is reduced in this case from 1,460 rpm to 1,170 rpm.


The vertical height of the snow gun can be adjusted manually and there is a motorized horizontal oscillation mechanism with manual release accessory. Access to the swivel lever, height adjustment facility and valve block is provided on the same side of the machine.
The menu driven control panel features LED key illumination which makes the TF10 Piano extremely user-friendly.