General information

The TF10 snow gun is a fully automatic, low-pressure type fan gun. It can be supplied as a mobile snow gun or as a fixed installation, mounted on a lift, 1.6 m tower or arm. The TF10 has amazing projection capability and distributes the snow over a large area. Moreover, the quality of the snow is consistent over the entire area. The slope preparation time is also significantly reduced.

The TF10 is made up of the following components:

The vertical height of the snow gun can be adjusted manually and there is a motorized horizontal oscillation mechanism with manual release accessory. Access to the swivel lever, height adjustment facility and valve block is provided on the same side of the machine.
The menu driven control panel features LED key illumination which makes the TF10 extremely user-friendly.

Schneeerzeuger, Schneekanone, Propellerschneeerzeuger TF10Schneeerzeuger, Schneekanone, Propellerschneeerzeuger TF10