Dimensional data
Gun length (A)5' - 9 "
Gun width (B)4' - 11"
Gun height (H)7' - 01"
Length max. (A1)9' - 10"
Length without tow (A2)8' - 10"
Length without front jack (A3)7' - 8"
Width max. (B1)7' - 8"
Width wheels (B2)6' - 7"
Total-height (H1)8' - 4"
Guns weight1,611.58 lbs
Undercarriage with jacks 363.76 lbs
KIT for mobile carriage tow (GRPT0013)187.39 lbs
Electrical data
Nominal voltage voltage USA480V/60 Hz
Nominal voltage Canada600V/60 Hz
Connection plug4x60 A
Nominal current at 480 V41 A
Nominal current at 600 V43 A
Nominal power - largest motor (turbine)24.81 HP
Compressor5.36 HP
Heating0.67 to 2.41 HP
Miscellaneous technical data
Number of revolutions1,500 rpm
Horizontal rotation360 deg (°)
Automatic swing180 deg (°)
Turbine inclination45 deg (°)
Operating water pressure116 to 580 psi
Water filter250 micron
Fixed nozzles type Quadrijet8
Operable nozzles type Quadrijet16
Connection water - Camlock2"