Design and planning of snow-making systems


In-depth planning and design is a crucial factor in determining the efficiency of a snow-making system. TechnoAlpin has many years of experience and acts as a one-stop shop, overseeing all the aspects of a project from planning and installation right through to after-sales service. In this way, it can be guaranteed that all the component parts of a snow-making system are perfectly compatible with one another.

The detailed specifications for the technical components of the snow-making system and the hydraulic and electrical components of the pumping plants and compressor plants are set out in liaison with the project management and sales teams. A master plan of the entire snow-making system is drawn up on the basis of this information by the technical drawing team.


Master plans are general overviews of the set-up of snow-making systems, machine rooms and field installations. The project manager is responsible for planning and overseeing project operations. The project manager is the main contact person for the customer once an order has been placed. The project manager draws up the purchase order lists and oversees the progress of the construction work, working closely with the logistics department in order to coordinate the delivery of the components.