Only fully automated systems allow simple and efficient exploitation of the increasingly shorter now-making windows or instant responses to relevant parameter changes. The ATASSplus software collects data from all intelligent system components (snow guns, weather stations, pump/compressor stations etc.) and optimizes the snow production according to the prevailing conditions. This provides the basis for clever water and air management and continuous energy control. Operational states and the consumption of resources can thus be monitored and evaluated with maximum accuracy, optimizing operating costs and guaranteeing consistent snow quality down the entire length of the slope. As such, ATASSplus is far more than a mere means of automatic snow-making. ATASSplus is an intelligent system combining sophisticated engineering with simple operation.


TechnoAlpin's ATASSplus software is constantly defining new standards in the field of fully automated intelligent snow-making. Over the last year, the ATASS department has worked non-stop to offer its clients even faster, more intuitive software solutions. All this hard work has produced significant results, which are presented here.


Update 2016



To exploit the window of opportunity in the fall for snow generation and to produce snow of the highest quality as efficiently as possible – these are presumably the targets of any ski resort. The ATASSplus control software has proved to be the optimum tool for this complex challenge. The 2016 update will further simplify the control of the system and revolutionize planning for the snow season.


Weather module

Until now ski resorts have had to rely on the weather forecasts issued by the regional meteorological offi ces to support their planning. What is more, temperatures can vary immensely in the smallest of areas, especially in alpine terrain. The new weather module is now here to help. A meteostation is installed on each snow gun to collect and integrate all the relevant weather data in the ATASSplus software.
The collected data are analyzed professionally and combined with meteorological model data by virtue of the collaboration with Europe’s largest private weather service, MeteoGroup. This results in accurate and precise weather forecasts relevant to the use of snow guns, even when there are large temperature differences in the ski resort. Only local measurements can yield local forecasts.
The weather can be forecast accurately for up to 10 days, helping the managers to decide where to deploy snow-making equipment and personnel for maximum effi ciency and to select the right date for opening the ski slopes.


New improved SnowManager

ATASSplus has been able to import and display data from different systems for snow depth measurement since 2014. With the 2016 update the average snow depth is now also displayed in cm as well as using color.
The various minimum snow quantities can still be specified for the season as it progresses, such as the minimum amount required to open the slopes or the amount needed for the entire season. A new feature is that the required snow depth can now also be set in cm. The SnowManager then automatically calculates the amount still needed for each pit and slope. As soon as the limit is reached, the snow operations team is informed or, if desired, the snow-making process can be stopped automatically.


ATASSplus as an app

ATASSplus has been available as a mobile app for all mobile Android devices since the 2015 version. Not only can data be monitored in this way but all the main parameters can also be configured via the app.
The 2016 release now also features a graph of the pumping station, allowing all the pumping station flow charts to be displayed and configured.


New improved user interface

Even more detail can be shown in the map view in ATASSplus 2016 because high-resolution orthophotographs can now also be used for the display. The filter and search facilities have also been upgraded, making the system even faster to use.
The user interface has also been adapted to the new standards of established programs and has become more intuitive. Very important information now stands out even more.


Simplified maintenance

ATASSplus now includes important documents for the servicing and maintenance of the system, such as manuals, circuit diagrams, quick reference guides and exploded drawings.

Any spare parts which are needed can be ordered via ATASSplus in the new spare parts shop which has also been optimized. The product range has been extended and the administration process simplified. In future ATASSplus will feature a history of spare parts purchase order