Liberty, the control of snow production facilities at hand.

Liberty gives each operator the possibility to control his snow production installation with flexibility, reliability and power.


A software suite: Management and Decision-making assistance tool

Liberty is a software suite, running in the multi-tasking Windows environment, in which many applications are combined to run a snowmaking installation.

It is intended for the control, management and facility operation of snowmaking systems using Liberty product line equipment (Rubis, Safyr & Borax). It acts on the equipment through a dual channel:


1) the controllers that manage the machine rooms and
2) the communication modules that manage the valves and snow producers on the trail.


All operating data is stored and may be reviewed by the operator to guide the snowmaking decision-making process.


Managing the production resources

Liberty continuously adapts the water and air of the installation to the needs of snow producers accordingly to the climatic conditions and to the choices of the operator.

Liberty has a global vision of all the measurements made on the ski trails and in the machine room. Liberty accurately calculates the flow of water and air needed for each snow producer to produce the desired snow quality given its local climatic conditions.

Liberty also ensures the safe operation of all equipment: The sequences of start / stop are performed safely using the network of controllers.


User-friendly & Ergonomic

To facilitate the access to the numerous applications that make up the Liberty suite, they all were combined into a single environment, the Liberty Surfer. From Liberty Surfer, the operator can access the Launch Manager application to launch the Menu Liberty, but also have access to peripheral applications such as MR Viewer, Trail Viewer, Event Log (virtual printer), the Alert service or Sno-report (customizable analysis and statistical report)


Upgradability & Service

Liberty is adapted and tailored to each installation it drives by integrating the specific parameters of the installation. Extensions of facilities are readily achievable with simple programming language developed and Liberty. In addition, the compatibility of equipment is provided.


The service teams from TechnoAlpin may, if necessary, remotely access to the software Liberty and conduct trouble-shooting.