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Interview 3 – Florent Jacquemoud (Les Arcs, France)

1. Why did you decide to work in this sector? Was this a vocation, a dream from the start?


Being born in a mountain region and skiing since I was young, I could hardly bear to see winter arrive late and not being able to ski in the best conditions. So the day the first snowmaking system arrived in my hometown's ski resort, my dream came true ... It still took ten years to arrive in the business. At first it was more out of curiosity: How does it work? I thought it was magical! And one opportunity allowed me to get in, to discover the aspects of the snowmaker’s job. The job, equipment and facilities evolving very fast, I decided to leave the lift part to devote myself entirely to snowmaking.


2. What exactly do you deal with? And for how long?


My position within the company ADS (ski area of Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry), is Head of the Snowmaking and Grooming department. My job is to manage the department in order to offer and to guarantee to our customers quality snow cover throughout the season. I'm in this position for over a year. I was also responsible for snowmaking department in 2 different ski resorts before and held this position for almost 12 years.


3. What do you like most about your job?


What I like about the job is my job simply! There is no routine; each season of the year is different. We must always anticipate the coming winter, optimize the facilities, produce the “right” snow and guarantee our clients the best snow conditions. A real daily challenge and a permanent questioning... The diversity of equipment, technologies, construction works and their regular developments make it a very rewarding and interesting job. Moreover, the fact of working with passionate teams (snowmakers and groomers) is a pleasure and makes my job even more attractive.


4. How is your normal working day?


The routine does not exist ... nor the usual work day! We must always adapt to the weather, to building sites, to the constraints of each one.

In general, during the winter, I love meeting the Snowmaking and Grooming teams in the morning to debrief on the work done during the night. A field visit during the day is one of the required moments to see by myself the snow conditions. I also take the time to analyze, through the control software, the snow production and grooming data. With all the information collected during the day, which I’m able to synthesize, we exchange in the evening with the managers of the other departments of the ski area to refine production and optimize snow grooming needs. Upon completion of the plan, I transmit the tasks to the snowmaking manager and grooming manager. Communication during this period is very important.


During the summer, my day splits up between construction site supervision, a big administrative part, project management and meeting with the head of the snowmaking crew on the maintenance progress of the installation. We work altogether with the snowmaking team on the optimization of our installation: team work is a very important.


5. How did snowmaking change in recent years?


Snowmaking has evolved a lot in recent years. Indeed, technology played an increasing role in snowmaking installations in order to secure increasingly important snow production output, to save energy and to increase the reliability of these facilities. The job of snowmaker has evolved at the same time. Today, the job profile has evolved toward more technical profiles. However, despite all these technologies that have permitted to reach a more and more reliable snowmaking, the role of snowmaker, in following up the snow production, is still essential to ensure the best quality of snow.


6. How do you spend your off-season months?


The offseason is for me the key period for the snowmaking installation. This period is essential in order to be prepared to produce snow in the best conditions and above all, not to miss the few cold hours early in the season. Winter can be seen as the reward of the job carried out during the summer ... In Les Arcs, all the snowmakers are here year-long. We have no seasonal workers currently. Indeed, during the offseason, we must anticipate as much as possible the following winter, and even the next few seasons after.

In that respect, part of the time is used to analyze the performances of the system during the previous winters. This analysis allows us to optimize our installation and to prioritize maintenance operations (about 5000 hours of maintenance annually).


In addition, each year we try to conduct system expansions to guarantee our customers a high quality skiing terrain. A big part of my time is therefore used for the management of short and medium term projects, monitoring of maintenance and optimization of the installation, following-up our snowmaking dam and reservoirs, as well as managing the team. Before the production period that starts in early November, we test the installation completely throughout the ski area (2-3 weeks).

30. Dec 2014

Further expansion in Shahdag (Azerbaijan)

22. Dec 2014

Air America

12. Dec 2014

Geir Vik leaves TechnoAlpin USA Inc.

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The new winter season gets underway

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The thousandth fan gun goes to Alpendorf

21. Nov 2014

Snow making, 365 days a year, thanks to TechnoAlpin

07. Nov 2014

Seasonal service hotline

31. Oct 2014

American steel initiative

23. Oct 2014

Americas Opening

10. Oct 2014

Blue Mountain update

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New edition of Snow Experts Magazine

26. Sep 2014

The TF10 in America

04. Sep 2014

Aspen will get new TechnoAlpin equipment

29. Aug 2014

New projects for TechnoAlpin

26. Aug 2014

27 new fan guns for Snow King

18. Aug 2014

Carquefou, one of the hearts of TechnoAlpin’s R&D

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Optimization starts from the head

01. Aug 2014

Trust in TechnoAlpin

11. Jul 2014

Great success for the 2014 training sessions

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Soldeu wins the World Cup with TechnoAlpin

20. Jun 2014

Villard de Lans: Expansion and optimization project

13. Jun 2014

Safety and efficiency: optimisation of snow-making systems

06. Jun 2014

Snow-capped peaks Down Under

24. May 2014

30 year anniversary: “YORK” builds its first full auto snowmaking installation!

23. May 2014

Premiere for TechnoAlpin

16. May 2014

1,800 satisfied customers in 48 countries worldwide

08. May 2014

TF10 & Rubis Evo: the best on the market

18. Apr 2014

TechnoAlpin attends the Mountain Planet fair

11. Apr 2014

The Remarkables renew their trust in TechnoAlpin

02. Apr 2014

Reliable systems guaranteed, thanks to TechnoAlpin's Customer Service department

25. Mar 2014

Snowmaking system design: Bringing an idea to life

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The thousandth gun installed at Cerro Catedral (ARG)

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2014 Spring & Summer training programs!

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TechnoAlpin at Sochi 2014

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Apps by TechnoAlpin

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Eighth edition of the Tour de Ski comes to an end

27. Dec 2013

All set at Bormio

20. Dec 2013

80 Automatic Rubis Evo’s in Squaw Valley

06. Dec 2013

Everything ready for the winter season

04. Dec 2013

New Rubis Evolution and YB valves in Craigleith

29. Nov 2013

Handmade Quality For Over Twenty Years

22. Nov 2013

Service-Hotline active

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Optimal snow even with marginal temperatures

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A 25-year partnership

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Expansion of the snowmaking system in Gerlos

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Water supply security for Laax

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Efficiency begins at the planning stage

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Production department at full speed

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Work begins at Verbier-Bruson

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What is Stephan Psenner up to ....

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Supplying the water for Monte Amiata

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Water at the right temperature for greater energy efficiency

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Hochgurgl relies on TechnoAlpin quality

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Quality and competence are always a priority at TechnoAlpin

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Down under: ski season just around the corner

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TechnoAlpin & MYNEIGE

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TechnoAlpin at the spring fairs

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New pumping plant for Bukovel

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Perisher turns white

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TechnoAlpin electrants

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Interalpin: a record breaking twentieth edition is expected!

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Snow operations manager - a job in rhythm with the seasons

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New ATASSplus Update available

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The right snow gun in the right place

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The most awaited event of the season is ready

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Regular maintenance for optimum performance

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The world luge natural track championships are set to start

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Datalogger for meteostations

04. Jan 2013

Sights are set on the 2013 Tour de Ski

28. Dec 2012

Pure adrenaline on the Stelvio at Bormio

21. Dec 2012

1,000th snow gun goes to Poland

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Madonna di Campiglio returns to the World Cup

30. Nov 2012

Europe opens for skiing

16. Nov 2012

TechnoAlpin together with Fiemme 2013

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Levi Black is back

02. Nov 2012

TechnoAlpin’s Service Hotline is here

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Winter is coming

26. Oct 2012

TechnoAlpin at the Moscow Ski&Board Show

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Here comes the World Cup season 2012/2013

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The latest Snow Experts Magazine has just come out!

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The V3 and T40 make a splash

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TechnoAlpin will be at the InterMountain trade show in the autumn

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Success story of ski resort of Cerro Castor

07. Sep 2012

Company internship

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TechnoAlpin in the App Store

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Hand-operated yet high-tech

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New Service section

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“Engineering & Construction” department at top speed

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All white Down Under

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Automation for Ascou

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Training courses hit the spot

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New standards in Kayseri

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Snow guns: secondhand but first class

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Schools visit TechnoAlpin

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TechnoAlpin visits Saint Gobain

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3D Plans

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The season gets off to an early start Down Under

25. May 2012

The first edition of Snow Experts Magazine in 2012 is out now

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New season in New Zealand

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Master Plan

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Trade show impressions

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PLC Programming

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The new ones at TechnoAlpin

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TechnoAlpin at Trade Shows

30. Mar 2012

Snow-makers Convention

23. Mar 2012

Alpine Ski World Cup Finals at Schladming

16. Mar 2012

Biathlon World Championships at Ruhpolding

07. Mar 2012

Guaranteed water supply on site.

02. Mar 2012

Bansko in double act

23. Feb 2012

German Ski Association (DSV) sets its skis on TechnoAlpin

17. Feb 2012

Snowboard elite in Oslo

10. Feb 2012

Val di Fiemme is ready.

03. Feb 2012

International Sales Meeting 2012

27. Jan 2012

Pump engineers travel the world

20. Jan 2012

TechnoAlpin and Innovag venture forth together

13. Jan 2012

Dress rehearsal for Val di Fiemme

03. Jan 2012

TechnoAlpin lances on the road to success

23. Dec 2011

Erich Gummerer ist Manager des Jahres

09. Dec 2011

Winter at last!

02. Dec 2011

Lift assembly on PE pit

25. Nov 2011

Gigantic reservoir in Canada

18. Nov 2011

Service department ready for action

11. Nov 2011

Kessu Oy celebrates another decade

04. Nov 2011

Skiing instructors visit TechnoAlpin

28. Oct 2011

US team dominates in Sölden

21. Oct 2011

Overground valve block - a success story

14. Oct 2011

High quality at a low price

11. Oct 2011

Interlavex 2011 - impressions

07. Oct 2011

Astún's modernization is up and running

30. Sep 2011

T40 and V3 put on an impressive performance in the southern hemisphere

26. Sep 2011

In loving memory of our friend Alexander Ellecosta

23. Sep 2011

TechnoAlpin at Interlavex 2011

16. Sep 2011

Bukovel – a winter fairy tale

09. Sep 2011

Skilift Pany to invest in guaranteed snow

02. Sep 2011

Cartridges of the water filter in wedge wire

26. Aug 2011

Ski resort operators meet in Iceland

19. Aug 2011

Summer Internships at TechnoAlpin

12. Aug 2011

Compressor Exchange Summer Campaign

05. Aug 2011

Scandinavia gets set

29. Jul 2011

The polyethylene shelter wins unanimous approval

22. Jul 2011

Snow made by …

15. Jul 2011

Long season thanks to snow depot

08. Jul 2011

Logistical masterstroke for Changbaishan

01. Jul 2011

Start of the season in Coronet Peak

24. Jun 2011

TechnoAlpin pumping plants - a model of reliability

17. Jun 2011

Success story in Kyrgyzstan

10. Jun 2011

Energy conservation thanks to efficient water cooling

03. Jun 2011

Training courses prove a big hit

27. May 2011

Awards for Obereggen and Zillertal Arena

20. May 2011

Snow at Falls Creek

13. May 2011

Interalpin 2011 - impressions

06. May 2011

Snow Experts Magazine: new issue!

29. Apr 2011

Happy Birthday T40 & V3

22. Apr 2011

Self-controlled and level-headed

15. Apr 2011

TechnoAlpin at Interalpin 11

08. Apr 2011

Covers - for protection and appearance

01. Apr 2011

Spectacular pump replacement in La Plagne

25. Mar 2011

New version of ATASSplus sets new standards

21. Mar 2011

Michael Walchhofer ends his career

18. Mar 2011

Snowfall record in Trysil

11. Mar 2011

Unforgettable Championships in Olso

03. Mar 2011

Innerhofer coasts to victory in Bansko on TechnoAlpin snow

25. Feb 2011

Snow reliability 1,000 times over

18. Feb 2011

Make sure you're ahead of the game!

11. Feb 2011

Skiing event on the Großer Arber / Zwiesel

04. Feb 2011

TechnoAlpin 2011 International Sales Meeting

28. Jan 2011

15. Night Race Schladming

21. Jan 2011

V3 passes the test

14. Jan 2011

Premier in Ruhpolding

07. Jan 2011

Full TechnoAlpin range for Tauplitz ski resort

31. Dec 2010

20 Years with one objective - Happy Winter Sports Enthusiasts!

30. Dec 2010

Michael Walchhofer glides to victory on TechnoAlpin snow

24. Dec 2010

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year for 2011!

20. Dec 2010

Michael Walchhofer triumphs in Val Gardena (ITA)

17. Dec 2010

Wet bulb calculator now available as an app

10. Dec 2010

TechnoAlpin Austria sponsors Michael Walchhofer

03. Dec 2010

TechnoAlpin Service-Hotline: Always there for you

26. Nov 2010

Engineering Award for Coronet Peak and TechnoAlpin

19. Nov 2010

The 1000th fan gun heads for Folgaria

12. Nov 2010

Production record at TechnoAlpin

11. Nov 2010

20 years of TechnoAlpin - Anniversary offers

04. Nov 2010

LEVI (FIN) – World Cup run open

29. Oct 2010

T40 on permanent assignment

22. Oct 2010

TechnoAlpin protection mats – Keeping your slopes safe

15. Oct 2010

Ski slopes are not the only places that need snow

08. Oct 2010

First snow in Europe

01. Oct 2010

20 Years with one objective - Happy Winter Sports Enthusiasts!

24. Sep 2010

Michael Walchhofer glides to victory on TechnoAlpin snow

17. Sep 2010

TechnoAlpin at the InterMountain 2010

10. Sep 2010

Start-up of new test facilities

03. Sep 2010

Snow guns: secondhand but first class

27. Aug 2010

The first T40s will be delivered to Tauplitz

20. Aug 2010

TechnoAlpin on the move

13. Aug 2010

TechnoAlpin snows for world champions

06. Aug 2010

Fun-packed ski holidays in Iran thanks to TechnoAlpin

30. Jul 2010

Everything under one roof

23. Jul 2010

TechnoAlpin takes a lead in environmental protection issues

16. Jul 2010

A webcam for the pumping plant

09. Jul 2010

Never miss out with the ATASSplus update agreement

02. Jul 2010

New: Online shop from TechnoAlpin

25. Jun 2010

Snow Experts Magazine: New Issue!

18. Jun 2010

FIS Ski World Cup calendar approved

11. Jun 2010

Winter sports – today's trends

04. Jun 2010

First snow in the southern hemisphere

28. May 2010

Nozzles with ceramic insert - a tried and tested design

21. May 2010

Cycling spectacle at the Plan de Corones

14. May 2010

TechnoAlpin headquarters will be inaugurated in September

07. May 2010

T60 fan blade heating - as standard

30. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin customers receive awards

23. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin photo competition: The winners have been selected!

16. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin LIVE 2010!

09. Apr 2010

V3: the new TechnoAlpin lance

02. Apr 2010

TechnoAlpin at SAM 2010

26. Mar 2010

TechnoAlpin’s range is expanding with the new T40!

19. Mar 2010

Alpitec and TechnoAlpin LIVE 2010

12. Mar 2010

TechnoAlpin brings the first automatic system to China

05. Mar 2010

Winter sports in the town center

28. Feb 2010

"Lens focused on TechnoAlpin": The great photography competition on the subject of snow-making

26. Feb 2010

Gardena Valley turns to automation

18. Feb 2010

International Sales Meeting 2010 di TechnoAlpin

05. Feb 2010

Juniors on TechnoAlpin snow

29. Jan 2010

Schladming night race: a sporting spectacle on TechnoAlpin snow

22. Jan 2010

Snow King Mountain: Final preparations before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

15. Jan 2010

The Haus im Ennstal World Cup Lindsey Vonn secures a hat trick

01. Jan 2010

TechnoAlpin, trusted partner at the Bormio World Cup

25. Dec 2009

TechnoAlpin is OHSAS 18001-certified

15. Dec 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

11. Dec 2009

Hochzeiger: most improved resort of 2010

04. Dec 2009

TechnoAlpin signs a contract with a Russian investor for a project in the Altai region

27. Nov 2009

Record snow gun production at TechnoAlpin

20. Nov 2009

Perfect conditions for the World Cup in Levi

13. Nov 2009

First snow-making installation in Mongolia

06. Nov 2009

Commissioning of a TechnoAlpin snowmaking system

28. Oct 2009

Snowmaking hose offer

23. Oct 2009

The first snow!

16. Oct 2009

TechnoAlpin Software ATASSplus: easy, efficient, reliable – making snow with a grip

09. Oct 2009

TechnoAlpin at INTERLAVEX 2009

02. Oct 2009

Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang (AUT) nominated "Europe's best developed ski resort"

25. Sep 2009

Bluetooth®: snowmaking controls without getting out of your seat

18. Sep 2009

New edition of Snow Experts Magazine!

11. Sep 2009

The TechnoAlpin range of used machines: secondhand but first class

04. Sep 2009

Mönichkirchen-Mariensee (AUT) ski complex (AUT): excellent slopes for satisfied customers.

28. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin project: Nordic Center Notschrei (GER)

21. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin provides the snow for the World Champions

14. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin at Swiss Alpina

07. Aug 2009

TechnoAlpin offers an insight into the working world

31. Jul 2009

New Zealand show case TechnoAlpin to Korean decision makers

24. Jul 2009

The TechnoAlpin’s T60 design continues to build consensus

17. Jul 2009

TechnoAlpin's pump station: the heart of snow-making systems

10. Jul 2009

Gstaad continues to rely on snow safety by TechnoAlpin

03. Jul 2009

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser–Brixental “best ski area for advanced skiers”

26. Jun 2009

Technology TechnoAlpin: Hydromat WO

19. Jun 2009

Customers in 39 countries worldwide: a logistics challenge for TechnoAlpin

12. Jun 2009

Snowmaking system upgrade for Folgaria

05. Jun 2009

TechnoAlpin at the annual meetings of the NSAA and ANEF

29. May 2009

Alpine Ski World Cup: 2009/10 competition calendar

22. May 2009

The new PE pit: the flyweight champion

15. May 2009

TechnoAlpin passes the 200 employees mark

08. May 2009

Perisher bustling with preparations for the winter season

01. May 2009

TechnoAlpin customer trip to Levi

17. Apr 2009

NEW: The above-ground valve block from TechnoAlpin

10. Apr 2009

Snow Experts Magazine: Latest issue!

03. Apr 2009

TechnoAlpin at Interalpin 09

27. Mar 2009

TechnoAlpin snow made by Salou Amidou from Niger

20. Mar 2009

Start of construction work on the new TechnoAlpin headquarters

13. Mar 2009

TechnoAlpin Sales Team in ski dress by Marc Girardelli

06. Mar 2009

Bansko & Kranjska Gora: a World Cup newcomer and a regular go for snow from TechnoAlpin

27. Feb 2009

Protective padding from TechnoAlpin for enhanced safety

20. Feb 2009

Plot of land transferred to TechnoAlpin

13. Feb 2009

TechnoAlpin’s International Sales Meeting in Oberstdorf

06. Feb 2009

TechnoAlpin employs oil-free compressors from Kaeser

30. Jan 2009

Design award for TechnoAlpin’s T60

23. Jan 2009

Zauchensee goes for mobile snow guns from the house of TechnoAlpin

16. Jan 2009

Enterprise “Ski Resorts of Serbia” go for full automation courtesy of TechnoAlpin

09. Jan 2009

FIS Ski World Cup in Zagreb: delighted athletes and happy organizers

02. Jan 2009

TechnoAlpin again lets it snow for the World Cup in Bormio