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Maximum control

Sophisticated operating software offers ski ware managers precise, mobile control of a resort's snowmaking infrastructure.

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Under the gun

A new air and water snow gun offers optimized production and operation

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Stefan Sterr moves to TechnoAlpin

In 1999 TechnoAlpin launched its ALPINAL ® water supply system for snowmaking installations. All ALPINAL ® pipes and fittings have been developed specially to satisfy the specific requirements of snowmaking systems.

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Seal of approval

After its first season tried and tested at European resorts, TechnoAlpin's newest software is reviewed by some of the industry's expert snowmakers

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Road to success

Snow lances are not the product that earned TechnoAlpin its reputation in the industry, but the company's patented round lance head has increasingly been attracting attention. The number of lances currently made within the Italian company's production hass is roughly equal to the number of fan guns. In 2011, for instance, some 1.300 lances left its factory - mostly the new V3, which featured some improvements on the previous model.

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Winter sports Technology (USA)

A sum of parts
Snowmaking systems are the must-have technology for resorts - but they're so much more than just guns.

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Winter sports Technology (USA)

Head Start
TechnoAlpin's new V3 snow lance proves that power is all in the head

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Winter sports Technology

Keep it clean
TechnoAlpin has always taken environmental protection issues seriously when making snow guns.

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ISR Internationale Seilbahn-Rundschau (AUT)

Twenty years of guaranteed snow cover
TechnoAlpin was founded twenty years ago. Since then, reliability, experience and innovative drive have made the company the leading supplier of snow-making equipment.

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SI Ropeways International (USA)

An addition to the TechnoAlpin family: The new MTS has Arrived
TechnoAlpin annually invests over one and a half million Dollars in research and development. The R&D department, which has now grown to 12 staff members, has developed a whole series of product patents in recent years.

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29.10.2009 (USA)

Quieter snow guns installed on Baldy
Devices make 180 gallons of snow per minute for halfpipe

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23.10.2009 (CAN)

Nakiska plans to open earlier

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31.7.2009 (AUS)

More man-made snow for Perisher

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SI Seilbahn International (GBR)

TechnoAlpin: The new Above-Ground Valve Block

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Snow experts confirm their innovation leadership

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Si America

TechnoAlpin: a story of success

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ISR English special

Automatic snowmaking at Snowshoe Mountain

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ISR English special

A great climate challenge
Hidden Valley Mountain Resort & TechnoAlpin

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Snowmaking 2008
Rising energy costs and global temperatures place a premium on efficient snowmaking.

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ISR Internationale Seilbahn-Rundschau

NSAA National Convention and Tradeshow 2008 in San Francisco

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