Field Equipment

The materials used on site must also be high quality, tested and approved in order to guarantee trouble-free snow-making operations. TechnoAlpin uses ductile cast iron for the water supply pipes. Ductile cast iron is an inorganic material which does not change its mechanical properties when subjected to different temperatures, altitude or loads. The pipes are easy to lay and can be installed in any weather without any complicated tools. Cast iron pipes have a high structural load capacity, remain firmly in position and are inherently stable.


Thanks to the range of pipe and fitting products specially developed for the extremely high requirements of a snow-making system, the entire pipeline can be easily designed using different dimensions and pressure ratings. Whether flanged fittings, MK elbows, MB sleeve junctions or the newly developed U-pieces and clamping rings, the ALPINAL® system provides maximum flexibility in the planning phase and during completion.  The system components are available from DN 80 PFA 100 to DN 300 PFA 100 and from DN 400 PFA 85 to DN 500 PFA 75.


The guaranteed minimum angular offset of 3° per sleeve means a minimum pipe deflection of 30 cm.  Depending on the soil stiffness, ductile cast-iron pipes can be used with very thin overburden heights of just 30 cm and heavy traffic loads of 60 tonnes (SLW 60, or bridge class 1) or with embankments of up to 50 m.


No concrete thrust blocks are needed when friction-locking cast-iron piping systems from the ALPINAL® product line are used.  Any longitudinal or transverse shearing forces are absorbed by the flexible friction-locking pipe joint.

The highest standards are also adhered to for data cables, electric cables and air supply pipes.