Indoor snow

TechnoAlpin has been designing and installing snow-making systems for ski resorts all over the world since 1990. Now, the leading manufacturer in outdoor snow-making systems is also supplying solutions for indoor snow generation.


There are many diverse fields of application and the sky is the limit as far as creativity is concerned. Indoor ski centers, industrial testing facilities, leisure complexes, events venues and zoos are just a few examples. Each project is planned and managed individually in order to offer the best solution for every purpose.


The distinguishing feature of the TechnoAlpin systems is the quality of the snow. The snow-making systems developed by TechnoAlpin do not produce crushed ice but rather soft and fluffy snow. This is what triggers positive associations.


The TechnoAlpin indoor snow-making systems work exclusively with water and air - with no artificial additives - irrespective of the field of application.


We are happy to assess your project and make a recommendation tailored entirely to your requirements.