Low weight, suitability for airlifting, stability, ease of placement and therefore shorter installation times - these are the main advantages of the PE pit developed by TechnoAlpin. Designed on the "sandwich principle", the pit is made of high-quality materials like high-density R200 linear polyethylene for the outer and inner skin and a light galvanized S235JR sheet steel structure for the reinforcement. Polyurethane foam is used to fill the cavities and to reinforce the structure, resulting in thin walls and a total weight of just 575 lb. This includes the weight of the entrance hatch, ladder and steel girder for the installation of a lance or 63 inch tower. A 138 inch lift is also possible with careful attention to the mounting instructions.


Like all TechnoAlpin pits, the PE pit can accommodate the installation of a hydrant, a valve block or air/water valves. There is also space for the installation of a socket to loop through a power cable of up to 4x 10'. Heating and lighting are creating optimum working conditions.