Snow Factory – snow-making at above-zero temperatures

For selected applications, TechnoAlpin offers the Snow Factory – a snow-making system for use at above-zero temperatures.


Fields of application for this snow gun

The Snow Factory is not intended as a substitute for classic snow-making systems but more as an addition to conventional snow guns. It is ideal for making snow to cover relatively small sections in ski resorts or for all kinds of events, such as snowboard events or ski races in big towns, or the lower sections in ski resorts. Nordic centers are often situated in areas which are too warm for the snow-making systems and so the Snow Factory provides greater ability to plan.


How is the snow produced?

This snow gun boasts advanced and proven cooling technology, freezing water in an efficient heat exchanger. The water freezes due to the cold temperature and, therefore, without chemical additives. The refrigerants used remain in a closed circuit and cannot leak onto the slope. So the Snow Factory can make snow at any temperature.

The snow is not snow in its natural form but rather in small dry ice flakes which are completely frozen. The Snow Factory is therefore the only system where the end product contains no residual moisture. The quality of firn can easily be achieved using a snowcat.

All the components are of a high quality and boast a high degree of energy efficiency. The finished size is specific to the refrigeration circuit in any given case.



No extensive building work or fittings are necessary for the installation of the Snow Factory. The snow-making system is delivered in the container to the relevant site ready for operation. It only needs to be connected to the power and water supply, then snow can be produced around the clock, regardless of the outdoor conditions or the water temperature on site.


Various models available, thanks to tried-and-tested technology

A wide and diverse range of models and sizes can be produced because the snow gun is ready for series production and the technology has been tried and tested in many different cases. Therefore, the right solution can be delivered for every snow-making application.

There are also many different possible ways of distributing the snow, ranging from conveyor belts to blowers, and recommendations are made for each individual case by the TechnoAlpin team of experts.

Snowfactory Video

TechnoAlpin, 2015