Walter Rieder, Georg Eisath and Erich Gummerer started up TechnoAlpin in 1990. From day one their goal was to supply efficient snow-making solutions and to sell their snow guns all over the world.


The real story of TechnoAlpin began even earlier, however, and dates back to the beginning of the 1980s when the ski resorts south of the Alps had suffered the effects of several winters with very little snowfall. The Obereggen ski resort in the Dolomites in South Tyrol bought a snow gun from the USA. It was very expensive but its performance was not satisfactory in the marginal temperatures on the south side of the Alps.

The two managers Rieder and Eisath promptly set about building a snow gun themselves using standard agricultural equipment, such as the hay dryer from the parental farm. After a few test runs the prototype matched the quality of the snow gun from the USA. Obereggen AG bought the prototype and allowed Eisath and Rieder the scope to develop their snow gun further.


The other ski resorts in the area increasingly showed their interest in the snow-making solutions. The company WI.TE. was set up in the mid-1980s and would later lead to the formation of TechnoAlpin in 1990.


TechnoAlpin was operating internationally from the outset. The founders of the business were convinced that success in the niche market of snow-making systems was reserved for companies which were selling their snow-making systems internationally and were therefore able to increase investment in research and development.

Although they were concentrating in the first few years on selling the individual snow guns, they quickly realized that the optimum way to run the business would be as a one-stop shop for entire snow-making systems. Today TechnoAlpin supplies everything a ski resort needs, from planning and installation right through to after-sales service. A wide range of different fan guns and snow lances and varying applications enable the company to install the right snow gun in the right location in order to produce the best snow for every application and to make optimum use of the available resources.