TechnoAlpin at work in preparation for the winter season

The current situation with the coronavirus is difficult for many industries. Ski areas all around the world have also been affected. Nevertheless, TechnoAlpin, the world market leader in snowmaking, is still as dependable a partner as ever, and you can certainly count on us. All our branches around the globe work autonomously and are preparing for the winter.

Despite the current situation, TechnoAlpin can guarantee the seamless production of snow guns. Preparations are already underway in the building for making snow guns for the coming winter season. The new production building is just under 110,000 m³, spread over three floors, including an underground machine warehouse. All the employees currently working there are, of course, adhering strictly to all the legal safety requirements, but production is still able to go ahead without any restrictions because of precisely planned production processes. Since the new building has become operational, several steps on the production line are now performed with the help of robotic manipulators custom built for TechnoAlpin. They assist workers in handling bulky parts, allowing them to work alone on some production steps that, in the past, could only be done by several workers together. This far-sighted planning is also benefiting production in the current situation.  

All snow guns are assembled entirely in the production building in Bolzano, which was just completed in 2019. The machines for the disinfection of outdoor and indoor areas, made by our subsidiary EmiControls, are also produced here. The machines are then shipped to customers all over the world. This is an important branch of the TechnoAlpin Group, especially now, and production is currently running at full speed. More than 2,400 customers in 55 countries trust in TechnoAlpin technology, recognizing its leadership in innovation in the snowmaking market. Thanks to the hard work of the TechnoAlpin staff in compliance with all safety precautions, ski areas can count on seeing the snow guns they order on the ski slopes in time for the start of the season.

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