The future of snowmaking. Here and now.

After years of sustained innovation, TechnoAlpin, the leader in snowmaking technology has once again set new standards in its field. On Thursday, April 15, TechnoAlpin presented not just one but two new snowmaking solutions when it introduced the TT10 fan-based snow producer and the TL range of snow lances. The product presentation was virtual for the first time, but this allowed even more depth and detail when it came to showing the inner workings and the operation of the new products. The TT10 fan-based snow producer is an true innovation in that it is the first genuine tower-mounted gun on the market. The snow lances in the new TL range are equally impressive, featuring unique design and trend-setting features. 

TL range of snow lances

TL range – a line of lances that is revolutionizing snowmaking

The TL range is a new dimension in snowmaking with lances, offering maximum efficiency and precision control throughout the entire temperature range. All the lances in this range work on the same operating principle and differ only in the number of nozzle rings, with the TL8 featuring eight settings, the TL4 four, and the TL2 two. Given the versatility of the range, the right snow lance can be found for every location. As its name suggests, the Smart Distributor allows flexible control of the nozzle rings. The TL range is therefore a guarantee of optimal snow production, at borderline temperatures and at lower temperatures. The lances in the TL range are also equipped standard with high-quality components standard, including nucleators with ruby inserts and a new lightweight universal pipe. The simple and robust design allows the lance to be adjusted horizontally and vertically without limits. 

Technoalpin TT10 fan-based snow producer

TT10 – the best just got better

In launching the TT10, TechnoAlpin has literally taken its previous pet product, the TR10 fan-based snow producer, to a whole new level. The snow gun is as impressive as the TR10, having been engineered with the same level of excellence and combining the advantages of a tower-mounted machine with the easy maintenance of a mobile fan-based snow producer. The innovative tiltable tower is part of the machine itself and the components are actually built into it.

The TT10 can be serviced at ground level, which greatly simplifies the work on any ski slope. The fan-based snow producer can also be fully configured to individual specifications. This reduces costs for unused features and ensures perfect performance in any ski area and in any conditions. 

The battle of the giants!

The two products are now set to dictate the future of ski areas all over the world. If you missed the presentation, you can always watch it here.

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