Fast and effective customer service

Reliable worldwide after-sales service

Operating from 10 service centers, the TechnoAlpin team guarantees worldwide service and designated contact persons. The service technicians travel to each location to resolve complications of every kind. The service team can be contacted on the service hotline or by email around the clock and is on hand to provide customers with professional and reliable technical support if they are experiencing problems with snow guns or pumping stations. Remote access to all systems worldwide enables rapid identification and rectification of problems.

Service Hotline

TechnoAlpin offers service contracts for the entire system in order to simplify the regular maintenance processes. These can be completed for the snow guns and associated valves, but machine rooms also need regular maintenance. The electronics, mechanics and hydraulics of the snow guns and pumps are also inspected by trained engineers. Any irregularities which come to light are remedied immediately, restoring normal operation and guaranteeing optimum results.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Snowmaking systems and snow guns are highly complex pieces of equipment. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to contact service technicians when technical issues arise. The TechnoAlpin service engineers are available around the clock in order to offer solutions to technical problems.

International service hotline

Tel. +39 0471 550534

Service Center - USA

Tel. +1 720 360 4277

Service Center - Italy

Tel. +39 0471 550534

Service Center - Austria

Tel. +43 5224 20909 330

Service Center - Switzerland

Tel. +41 41 874 5009

Service Center - Germany

Tel. +49 173 700 4900

Service Center - France

Tel. +33 (0) 2 4018 4665

Service Center - Nordic

Tel. +46 56 510 303

Service Center - Eastern Europe

Tel. +421 903 484 301

Service Center - Russia

Tel. +7 905 573 3101

Service Center - China

Tel. +86 316 5759 420

We are always fully stocked

The international spare parts management division guarantees rapid processing of customer inquiries and delivery of spare parts via the automated system.

Sharing our knowledge with you

The TechnoAlpin Academy offers extensive training in the handling and maintenance of snow guns, pumping stations and software.

We are always here for you.

TechnoAlpin can be reached worldwide at any time, whether in writing or by telephone. Get in touch with your representative easily and without any complications.

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