The snow lance with manual setting

TL4 manual: Maximum productivity through manual snow production

Top snow quality is guaranteed with the adjustable TL4 manual snow lance thanks to an additional third nozzle on each of the three rings. The lance has four manual control settings and two possible nozzle configurations. Like the other lances, the TL4 manual lance also comes standard with ceramic nozzles and nucleators with ruby inserts. The best snow production is guaranteed across the entire operating range, even at limit temperatures and at low operating pressure.

Rapid assembly

Top-quality snow

Remarkable lance head

Rapid assembly

Thanks to the robust mechanical lance construction and the simple and stable plug-in connections, quick and uncomplicated assembly is possible.

Top-quality snow

Continuous top snow quality throughout the entire operating range is guaranteed thanks to nucleators with ruby inserts.

Remarkable lance head

The new lance head is highly energy and resource efficient thanks to three nucleators with ruby inserts, three rings, each with three ceramic nozzles, and four manual control settings.

Perfectly tuned, down to the last detail.

The TL4 manual is built to impress with perfectly coordinated components: nozzles with ceramic inserts, an oil-free compressor (for the model without central air), the weldless filter, and nucleators with ruby inserts that guarantee an optimized mixture of air and water for snow that is consistently the best quality.

Technical components

Technical data


Technical components

Lance head

The shape of the head makes the TL lances less susceptible to wind and frost and allows snowmaking on narrow and wide slopes while keeping noise emissions low. This is a huge advantage on slopes near residential areas. The ceramic inserts of the wear-resistant nozzles also guarantee consistently high snow quality season after season. The standard version of the lance is also joined by a model for warm climates so as to cater for varying local weather conditions.

Lance construction

The robust mechanical structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel to guarantee added stability and has plug-in connections for easy installation. The height of the lance is adjusted by means of the hydraulic lifting cylinder. The electric switchboard is compact and easy to access.

Valve technology

The automatic YB valve of pressure class PN100 regulates the snow lance water pressure, water throughput and airflow. The opening and closing cycle includes water and air discharge. The valve has a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure.

Valve block

The manual overground valve block is easy to operate and has 4 potential settings. The valve block is also available with an optional filter. Both versions can be equipped with an optional discharge heater.

Plug-in base

The simple and sturdy plug-in connection of the mechanical structure makes it quick and efficient to fit on initial installation and just as easy to dismantle. The plug-in base has a double hole pattern and a flat base, and is therefore suitable for various pit and concrete foundations.

Water filter

The water filter with seamless WEDGE WIRE filter insert made of nickel chromium steel guarantees fault-free operation, simple cleaning and long service life.

Technical data


Plug-in base 20 kg
Fixed column 22 kg
Rotating column 26 kg
Lance pipe support 20 kg
Complete compressor 90 kg
Height of drop 4 m 7 m 10 m
Lance pipe with head and VMR 31 kg 50 kg 70 kg


Height of drop 4 m 7 m 10 m
Working position – top (15°) 4165 mm 7210 mm 10350 mm
Working position – bottom (30°) 3965 mm 6695 mm 9510 mm
Maintenance position 2000 mm 2110 mm 2220 mm


Nominal voltage 400V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Compressor power 4 kW
Connecting plug (compressor) 5x16 A
Optional heating 0.0125 kW


Water pressure, min. 15 bar
Water pressure, max. 60 bar


Nucleator 3
Fixed nozzles 3
Switchable nozzles 6
Settings 3+1

NB: Subject to technical modifications.

NB: A pressure class of PN80 can be achieved with 2SN hoses if threaded screw fittings and union nuts are used instead of the Camlock connections.


With centralized air

The central air model is used on relatively low slope sections with air and water supply.

With local compressor

The local compressor model is used on relatively low slope sections with water and electricity supply. This model has an oil-free piston compressor with an output of 4.0 kW.

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