Optimum supply basis for snow production

Field pipeline construction: A strong foundation for the snowmaking system

A large part of the snow-making system is located underground. Water pipes, air lines, power and data cables are laid in trenches to the connection points at the shafts, which also serve as foundations for snow guns and anchor them firmly in the ground. In order to guarantee problem-free snowmaking operations, the field pipes and pipes must meet the most exacting standards. The ALPINAL pipe system from TechnoAlpin offers maximum flexibility as well as strength and durability thanks to high-quality materials. The TechnoAlpin shafts can be adjusted to suit individual requirements and local conditions. Their maximum stability and extreme user-friendliness are impressive.

ALPINAL pipe system



ALPINAL pipe system

Flexible, durable and designed to withstand high pressure

The ALPINAL system offers maximum flexibility in terms of planning and implementation. The use of the friction-locking ALPINAL cast iron pipe system means concrete thrust blocks are no longer required. Boasting a high structural load capacity, it remains firmly in position and is inherently stable, capable of absorbing the longitudinal and transverse shearing forces through the moving socket joints. The ductile iron pipes can be used with very shallow coverings of 30 cm and they can also withstand heavy working loads of 60 tonnes (SLW60) and embankments of up to 50 meters. The ALPINAL system is suitable for operating pressures of up to 100 bar. The system components are available from DN 80 PFA 100 to DN 300 PFA 100 and from DN 400 PFA 85 to DN 500 PFA 63.

Flexibel, belastbar und geeignet für hohe Drücke

Das ALPINAL-System bietet maximale Flexibilität in der Planung und Realisierung. Bei der Verwendung des längskraftschlüssigen Gussrohrsystems sind keine Betonwiderlager erforderlich. Es ist statisch hoch belastbar, lagesicher und formstabil, und kann die auftretenden Längs- und Querschubkräfte über die beweglichen, längskraftschlüssigen Muffenverbindungen aufnehmen. Die duktilen Gussrohre sind bei geringen Überdeckungshöhen von 30 cm bis hin zu Dammschüttungen von bis zu 50 m einsetzbar und halten auch schweren Verkehrslasten von 60 t Gesamtlast (SLW60) stand. Das ALPINAL-System ist für Betriebsdrücke von bis zu 100 bar geeignet. Die Komponenten sind von DN 80 PFA 100 bis DN 300 PFA 100, über DN 400 PFA 85 bis hin zu DN 500 PFA 63 verfügbar.

Robust and durable thanks to high quality materials

The ALPINAL pipe system from TechnoAlpin includes pipes, connections and fittings and thus covers the entire pipe construction requirement for a technical snowmaking system. The ALPINAL system components are made of ductile cast iron with a potable water compatible inner coating and an outer coating to protect against corrosion. The ALPINAL system is particularly suitable for use in difficult alpine terrain due to the fact that it is extremely robust, durable and thanks to the operating pressure capacity of these materials. The special properties of the ALPINAL systems allow them to be fitted on site easily and in any weather conditions. No welding is required due to push-fit socket technology.


Concrete, steel or polyethylene

TechnoAlpin concrete pits offer reliable protection against ground pressure and the risk of landslides. Therefore this is the optimum foundation for fixed snow gun installations. The polyethylene shafts are made of high-quality materials. Consequently, they have a very high stability despite their low weight and are also suitable for helicopter transport. The PE pits set new standards in terms of user-friendliness thanks to their straightforward assembly and short installation time. Conversely, the steel shafts from TechnoAlpin, were developed specifically for snow lances. They facilitate on-site installation of the lance and reduce time and effort in terms of assembly.

Individual solutions with optimum stability

The TechnoAlpin pits allow for the installation of all the electrical and hydraulic components for connection to the water, air, power and data network of a snowmaking system. They also serve as a foundation and provide maximum stability and a firm footing for the supports and snow guns. TechnoAlpin supplies concrete, steel and polyethylene pits. The design of TechnoAlpin shafts provides customized solutions that can be perfectly adapted to local conditions. The heating system integrated into all TechnoAlpin shafts keeps the temperature inside the shaft above freezing point at all times, thus ensuring optimum working conditions for problem-free snowmaking.


Individuelle Lösungen mit maximaler Stabilität

Die Schächte von TechnoAlpin bieten die Möglichkeit der Installation aller elektrischen und hydraulischen Komponenten für den Anschluss an das Wasser-, Strom-, Luft- und Datennetz einer Beschneiungsanlage. Zudem dienen sie als Unterbau und sorgen für maximale Stabilität und Sicherheit der Stützrohre und Schneeerzeuger. TechnoAlpin bietet Schächte aus Beton, Stahl oder Polyethylen an. Das Konzept der TechnoAlpin-Schächte ermöglicht benutzerdefinierte Lösungen, die perfekt an die lokalen Gegebenheiten angepasst werden können. Die in allen TechnoAlpin-Schächten integrierte Schachtheizung hält die Temperatur im Schachtinneren stets über dem Gefrierpunkt und sichert so beste Arbeitsbedingungen für eine problemfreie Beschneiung.

Beton, Stahl oder Polyethylen

Die Betonschächte von TechnoAlpin bieten zuverlässigen Schutz vor Erddruck und Geländebewegungen und sind daher optimale Fundamente für fest installierte Schneeerzeuger. Die Schächte aus Polyethylen werden aus hochwertigen Materialen hergestellt, weshalb sie trotz des geringen Gewichts eine sehr hohe Stabilität aufweisen und zudem für den Helikoptertransport geeignet sind. Die PE-Schächte setzen dank ihrer einfachen Montage und der geringen Installationszeit neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Die Stahlschächte von TechnoAlpin wurden hingegen speziell für Schneilanzen entwickelt. Sie ermöglichen eine einfache Installation der Lanze vor Ort und reduzieren den Montageaufwand.

Turnkey snowmaking systems

If our customers prosper, we also prosper. Therefore we collaborate on the development of snowmaking systems to cater for individual requirements to achieve optimum results.

Water — let's go!

Pumping stations, reservoirs, cooling towers and compressors: we guarantee a secure air and water supply for your snowmaking system for decades.

Targeted overview

Using custom-control software, we take technical snowmaking to a new level and provide the resource-optimized basis to ensure our customers' success.

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