360° expertise in machine room design

The machine room is the beating heart of the snowmaking system. In order to guarantee highly efficient snow production operations, it’s necessary to pay great attention to the design of the machine rooms, as well as the selection of the main components, like pumps, compressors, plc, specific machine room valves. TechnoAlpin has built an extensive expertise in designing machine room, whether pumping stations, or air compressor plants.

When it comes to machine room design, the team of engineers from TechnoAlpin can bring a precise and custom-made answer to any kind of snowmaking needs: From simple water pumping systems feeding snow producers on one ski slope only, to more complex configurations including multiple pipe networks for feeding several slopes, while pumping water from one snowmaking reservoir to another in order to better manage and distribute the water resources in the ski slopes. All this keeping in mind the potential system expansions, making sure that the machine room design allows to accommodate new equipment and to increase pumping capacities.

Today’s snowmaking system must be flexible and adapt to changing pattern in weather conditions, particularly before the beginning of the winter season, when ski resorts are preparing the ski slopes and need to make a significant amount of snow.

When the machine room goes digital.

To go further in the efficiency of machine room design and construction, TechnoAlpin has introduced in the recent period more and more digital components, like smart sensors. These sensors increase the efficiency and speed of the data acquisition. It is now possible to do the same job with less sensors, compared to analogic sensors.

This brings several significant advantages in terms of plant construction: it takes less time to install the sensors. And digital sensors are equipped with a memory, so in the unlikely event of a failure, it’s easy to transfer the existing setting in a new sensor, reducing the downtime. Last but not least, the acquisition of data is much faster, with more data being transmitted to the control system. Therefore, it provides a comprehensive overview of the actual status of the machine rooms. The control software can adjust instantaneously the snow production and the snowmaking crew can then make the right decisions in no time.

Along with the state-of-the-art snow producers, the machine rooms designed and built by TechnoAlpin will contribute to successful ski resort operations!

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