All in the head - State of the art snowmaking!

Over the last 30 years, TechnoAlpin has developed the most advanced and innovative snow producers, in order to adjust to a changing environment and to fluctuating weather conditions and also to meet the ski resort operators’ increasing expectations. This is true for the fan gun technology, but also for lances.

Today, the product line of TechnoAlpin boasts the best lances on the market, in terms of snow production, quality and volume, but also of energy efficiency. With snow production windows of opportunity getting shorter and increasingly uncertain weather conditions, it is important to have snow producers that can easily adjust, while delivering the highest quality snow.

From the TL6, TL4 to the V3, Rubis Evo or their “ee” variants, TechnoAlpin is able offer the most appropriate product when designing a snowmaking system, expanding or retrofitting an existing system. The Snow Experts will have the perfect solution to meet any ski resorts snow production challenges: marginal and colder temperatures, narrow, wide or steep slopes, for central air installations or with on board compressor!

Indeed, TechnoAlpin’s lances are packed with state-of-the-art features, which result from many years of R&D, product engineering know-how and feedback from the field: motorized head to multiply and maximize the flow combinations, nozzles with ceramic inserts to preserve the snow quality season after season, nucleators with inner surface treatment to extend service life and a specific design to prevent water flowing back into the air circuit… These innovations in snow production can be found nowhere else and they guarantee to have the best snow production possible.

Easy upgrade. Improved efficiency.

For ski resorts with lances of older generations on their snowmaking systems, it is also easily possible to upgrade equipment, with a quick return on investment. By changing the heads of older lances with new lance heads from TechnoAlpin, the snow production will significantly increase, 30% can be expected, the energy efficiency will rise as well, while the cost of making snow will go down. However, for these upgrade operations, only original equipment from TechnoAlpin will ensure to reach optimal results and highest performances, in particular because the control software - ATASSplus or Liberty - must be adapted too in order to integrate the changes of the heads of the lances.

Supplying the best products and snowmaking solutions to customers and ski resort operators has always been in the DNA of the company, and the lances make no exception to this rule! TechnoAlpin is proud to contribute to the successes of winter operations of ski resorts worldwide since 1990!

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