Alpinal - Innovative pipes for snowmaking

TechnoAlpin takes a 360° approach regarding the performances of snowmaking installations. When it comes to delivering the highest quality snow, beside the careful selection of TechnoAlpin snow producers, an in-depth and comprehensive design of the snowmaking system is also critical. Part of this design step is the selection and sizing of the water pipes that will supply the water from the pump stations to the snow producers.

For the water supply of its snowmaking projects, TechnoAlpin has chosen the Alpinal cast iron pipes from the world leader of ductile pipes manufacturing, Saint Gobain PAM. The Alpinal pipes have been developed specifically for snowmaking water supply, taking into consideration the specific issues of building water systems in mountainous areas: terrain shapes, soil nature, water supply requirement in terms of flow and pressure etc.

Alpinal pipes are perfect match for the high-level standards of TechnoAlpin snowmaking systems: High quality, durability, ease of installation and reliability are part of the features offered by Alpinal. This year, Saint Gobain PAM introduces several new features from finishing coating to marking. The Alpinal line will receive a new water-based acrylic finishing coating that improves further the durability of the pipes by bringing reinforce passive protection against corrosion. This new blue coating is also a highly environmentally friendly solution because it does not contain any harmful substance (no bisphenol A, nor solvents). As for the marking, the pipes will have the PFA max indication and also a new marking for the Novo-Sit system, both on pipes and fittings to make the laying out and installation easier.

Besides Alpinal pipes, Saint Gobain PAM offers also a complete range of additional solutions to answer special requests, for example in case of very aggressive soil, stony or rocky soil, very steep terrain etc. This extended offer gives the possibility to TechnoAlpin to bring the most efficient solution to every situation.

With the Alpinal pipes, TechnoAlpin offers the most reliable, adapted and efficient solution for snowmaking installations designed for its customers in order to ensure the best snow conditions on their ski slopes, season after season.

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