Dual benefit with ATASSplus update contract

Fully automatic and intelligent control of the snow-making system is the basic prerequisite for energy-efficient snow generation. The ATASSplus software developed by TechnoAlpin is an intuitive data control system which supports the entire process of snowmaking, planning and management of ski resorts. Like all software available on the market, ATASSplus is under continuous development. With this further development, TechnoAlpin guarantees the compatibility of the latest software version with the latest operating systems.

TechnoAlpin offers its ATASSplus customers an update contract, providing them with the latest version of the software and allowing them to stay up to date with the newest developments. The software is continuously updated to bring it into line with the latest standards of engineering, thereby significantly increasing the operational reliability and availability of the system. New tools and features are also developed every year in response to customer feedback while existing ones are improved and made available.

In addition to all the software benefits available to customers with update contracts, TechnoAlpin has announced a very special offer in 2021 for these customers, promising that anyone who orders spare parts worth a total of at least €10,000 between May 1 and September 30 will receive an exclusive 34-inch screen worth over €1,000 free of charge. Operating ATASSplus on a screen like this not only enhances the user experience, but it is also the ideal hardware basis for switching over to the new ATASSpro software developed by TechnoAlpin which will be officially launched on the market in 2021.

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