Zufriedenheit garantiert. Zertifizierte Qualität in allen Bereichen.

Since 1990, along with innovation, customer satisfaction has been one of the corner stones of TechnoAlpin’s philosophy. However, just saying this is not enough! This is the reason why TechnoAlpin has been engaged for a long time now in ISO certification processes, in order to meet the highest standards.

Today, TechnoAlpin complies with the most demanding international standards, in the following areas: quality, safety and environmental management, with the ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001 standards, but also for the construction of plants and machine room piping through the ISO 3834-2 welding certification, for the in-house welding center of TechnoAlpin.

One of the key elements of this strategy is the quality control for parts, products and welding work: inspections of incoming goods, pressure tests, non-destructive radiographic and ultrasonic tests for welded elements… All this allows to make sure that all the components sent on site will meet our quality criteria and contribute to a smooth and efficient project execution.

These certifications, which require regular monitoring by external auditors, are fundamental to make sure the TechnoAlpin has the skills, the capacities and the organization in place to deliver the most reliable and efficient products and solutions for ski area operators.

From the design of our components, our snow producers and software to the snowmaking project engineering, system sizing and project management, the ISO policies and practices implemented by TechnoAlpin will guarantee an optimal result for the customer.

Being committed to these management standards is also a great motivation for our teams to further improve our work processes and products: It drives continuous improvement in all areas of the company at the service of our customers.

Check our dedicated section on technoalpin.com to view our ISO certificates.

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