Insight into the service portal

A perfectly coordinated snowmaking system is the guarantee of optimum resource efficiency in snowmaking. Optimum energy efficiency can only be guaranteed if all the individual system components are working perfectly. This explains why TechnoAlpin has spent years refining its comprehensive after-sales service, supporting its customers in all sectors around the globe.

We have launched a series of videos in order to provide our customers with more in-depth information on the wide range of services offered by TechnoAlpin. Members of the after-sales service team present the individual sections. 

Video: The easy way to order spare parts

TechnoAlpin's online service portal makes it easy to order spare parts and provides all the relevant documents for every TechnoAlpin product. What's more, technical information, operating instructions and circuit diagrams can be accessed and downloaded here.

The service portal spare parts shop was refurbished in 2019: 3D-exploded views of individual machines can now be displayed thanks to a brand new graphics approach to the search function. Users looking for specific parts for the snow guns can use the zoom function to take a closer look at the parts and components and navigate through them. Stefano Bruscagin is the service portal product manager at TechnoAlpin and is responsible for the ongoing development of the portal: "My main job is to create these drawings and manage the "labyrinth" among other things.

As far as Stefano Bruscagin is concerned, it is vital to make the service portal even more intuitive and to continually improve it. "In my job, I always ask myself: How can I improve the layout of the portal?" How can I integrate the various elements that make up the portal? What tools can I give the client to continually optimize communication?" wonders Stefano.

Watch the TechnoAlpin online service portal video here and see Stefano Bruscagin explain what the portal is all about. 

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