Last Chance: TechnoAlpin Snow Heroes Photo Competition

Ski resorts in many locations are currently in the middle of the winter season and winter sports enthusiasts have spent the holidays on the slopes. This was made possible not only by TechnoAlpin's snow guns operating at top speed all around the world. Let's not forget the input of the numerous snowmakers who worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure the best quality snow on the slopes. We are still looking to showcase the Snow Heroes of 2021/22!

Grasp the opportunity and enter our "TechnoAlpin Snow Heroes" photo competition. Send us your best photo at work with TechnoAlpin products or services for a chance to win a fantastic prize! The closing date for entries is January 23, 2022.

How can I take part?

Click here to enter the competition. Upload a photo of yourself as a snowmaker working with a TechnoAlpin product or service. Also tell us in which ski area the photo was taken.

What could you win?

Three prizes will go to the winners. The main prize is a TechnoAlpin Package consisting of a rucksack, an outdoor fleece and a pair of sunglasses! The second and third prizes are a TechnoAlpin outdoor jacket and an outdoor vest, respectively. In addition to the prize-winning photos, the best photos will be published online. Click here for all the information you need to participate.

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