LET IT SNOW – the 2019 annual “Südstern” event at TechnoAlpin

LET IT SNOW – this was the tag line for this year’s “Südstern” event which was held at the TechnoAlpin headquarters in Bolzano for the first time. In keeping with the theme, around 400 “Südstern” members and partners from all over the world gathered on December 28 for some informal networking in the warehouses of the world market leader in snowmaking technology, which had been specially decorated for the occasion. “Südstern” is a network of South Tyroleans who have been working abroad for at least two years and brings together South Tyroleans from a wide variety of sectors and fields of business. “Südstern” was born out of the idea of linking South Tyroleans who are abroad for professional reasons with a view to encouraging them to communicate and swap notes with each other and to strengthen contact with their homeland of South Tyrol. It is also intended to be a platform where knowledge can be shared with local businesses and the community.

The highlight of the year

The annual event, which always takes place on December 28, is the highlight of the “Südstern” network’s year. It is a meeting place for Südsterne, who live and work in South Tyrol and all over the world, for “Südstern” partners, who appreciate the network and have been supporting it for years, and for “Südstern” founders, who originally explored the idea of linking South Tyroleans abroad with each other and with their homeland. The mutual exchange of information and networking was, therefore, also at the forefront of the event at the TechnoAlpin headquarters.  The network now has 2,778 members who live and work in 84 countries all over the world. TechnoAlpin has the international credentials to serve as a suitable venue, with 15 branches in 13 countries and a network of 19 trading partners worldwide, testifying to its international character. Around 2,400 customers in over 50 countries already rely on TechnoAlpin and the expertise it has gathered over many years as a company that always sought to operate internationally since its very foundation in 1990.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the TechnoAlpin group of companies to an international audience who received the various activities enthusiastically, from visiting a TechnoAlpin SnowRoom and following the development of snow guns over the last few decades based on examples of different models, right through to getting to know the technical features of an EmiControls extinguishing robot and an Engo ice resurfacing machine. Delicious food and an excellent musical program rounded off the successful event.

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