Maintenance on site

Proper maintenance of snow producers is essential for a snowmaking system to function efficiently. The TechnoAlpin after-sales service team ensures that snow producers are in perfect working order, guaranteeing an absence of problems at the start of the snowmaking season, especially in the winter.

We have launched a series of videos in order to provide our customers with more in-depth information about the wide variety of services offered by TechnoAlpin. Members of the after-sales service team will present each individual section. 

Video: Total commitment for perfect function

There are 45 service technicians working for TechnoAlpin customers in 10 service centers worldwide. If difficulties arise on the slopes which cannot be resolved over the support hotline, they spring into action. “Autumn and winter are our busiest times in any given year,” said Federico Tricotti, member of the TechnoAlpin service team in Italy, “because the snowmaking systems have to come on stream in the shortest possible time.”

In addition to repairing the snow producers, the service team is also responsible for preparing the snowmaking systems, ensuring that the systems are in the best possible condition before the start of the snowmaking season. This includes checking data lines and putting new snow producers into operation. TechnoAlpin therefore guarantees impeccable quality for every ski area, regardless of the weather conditions.

Federico Tricotti is happy to serve TechnoAlpin customers and to see their satisfaction. “I am glad whenever I can solve a problem and the customer is also satisfied,” he added. “That is our job.”

Watch the video about the servicing of snow producers presented here by Federico Tricotti. 

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