Overhauls and Repairs

TechnoAlpin is well known for its comprehensive after-sales service and for providing ski resorts will an all-round support package. Services also include the repair and overhaul of snow guns and individual snowmaking components. This is available for all products throughout the entire service life of the snowmaking system.

We have launched a series of videos in order to provide our customers with more in-depth information about the wide variety of services offered by TechnoAlpin. Members of the after-sales service team will present each individual section.

Video: Extending the product service life

Hannes Pichler works in TechnoAlpin's Overhaul and Repairs Department where he manages the team involved in the repair and servicing of individual snowgun components as well as line and pump station equipment. "I log the equipment as it arrives, prepare it for further processing and coordinate the processes," explains Hannes in describing his tasks. He is the link between back office and workshop, and the contact person for branches, technicians and sales team alike.

Numerous snowgun components are repaired in TechnoAlpin's in-house workshop. These include compressors, valves, multiple sockets or control cabinets. To minimize repair times, employees undergo continuous training to ensure that new products are also up and running immediately. "I always find it rewarding to give old and defective products a new lease of life. This enables us to help protect the environment and reduce waste. And our customers are delighted with their overhauled/repaired products which are as good as new," explains Hannes.

Click here to watch the Repair Shop Video presented by Hannes Pichler.

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