Service portal: Enhanced experience for visitors!

The Service portal of TechnoAlpin is the best place to find the information you need about your snow producers, software and machine rooms. Users of TechnoAlpin products know already that the portal brings a wealth of information: spare parts, user manuals, technical documentation and forms, tips and videos on maintenance, as well as the possibility to send feedback to the Service team or make special requests and much more!

However, to go one step further and to offer an enhanced experience to visitors and users of the portal, the Service team of TechnoAlpin has recently introduced new features, principally related to item search optimization, spare parts and components compatibility, as well as user profile information or the improvement of the workflow of the cart and check-out procedure. Let look at some of them.

Item search optimization. 3D drawings.

The Service portal now offers more powerful search options, with the possibility to switch between 3D drawings and List modes to retrieve parts and make sure you are looking at what you need. This allows to easily access all the parts of belonging to subgroup or component, directly from the 3D drawings of a machine. For single parts, there’s also to possibility to check the compatibility with different machines and access the 3D drawings, when available. In this upgraded version, the users will also find more 3D items of the most popular machines and products of TechnoAlpin.

In order to save you precious time, the navigation of the “Category” menu, as well as the filtering options have been improved also. And the portal is becoming even more user-friendly today, with an extended presentation of the user personal profile. From the user profile, it is now possible to change and update information, like the password, for example, or to modify, add or manage delivery addresses, as well as view the order history. The goal is to give users more autonomy when using the Service portal.

The Service portal of TechnoAlpin really is the “one-stop shop” for all service-related questions! So make sur you visit the Service Portal of TechnoAlpin: https://service.technoalpin.com!

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