Superlative when it matters most

When it comes to producing snow at limit temperatures, the decisive factor is not how powerful a fan gun is, but how much of the water that passes through it is actually converted into snow. This is exactly why no machine can keep up with the pace set by the TR10 from TechnoAlpin, because at this point the world market leader clearly demonstrates its pioneering role in the field of technical innovation on the snowmaking market.

80% of the snowmaking process takes place at temperatures above -8°C. This means, first and foremost, that the performance of a snow gun at limit temperatures is the decisive factor. The use and performance of models of snow guns made by different manufacturers were measured and compared throughout the last winter season. The result of the comparison is clear: the TR10 is particularly impressive in this limit temperature range and can produce more and better snow than all comparable models under difficult conditions.

The TechnoAlpin snow gun is up to 30% more powerful in this temperature range than other machines in this class. The TR10 fan gun is therefore a prime example of advanced technology and combines top snow quality with optimum utilization of resources and maximum ease of use.

The snow guns made by TechnoAlpin are also unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency. While other models seek to show their credentials in output or water consumption, the TR10 scores top marks in the limit temperature range, boasting low energy consumption and yet unrivaled performance

The snow gun designed for the important conditions

Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of snow guns. More than 100,000 TechnoAlpin snow guns were in use in the last winter season, providing snow of unmatched quality. This included the 2019 version of the TR10 model, with over 600 units already running at full speed.

Thanks to its completely new nozzle valve technology and the new air cooler system, the TR10 boasts an impressive track record combining unprecedented energy efficiency and conservation of resources – naturally with the guarantee of optimum snow output. The air cooler has been redesigned, providing the TR10 with a significantly higher cooling surface so as to allow unsurpassed snow output, especially in the limit temperature range. Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved in the TR10. 

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