TechnoAlpin Academy

TechnoAlpin has been offering a wide range of training courses at the TechnoAlpin Academy for many years now. The aim is to pass on skills which can be used to prevent technical problems and increase operational safety.

We have launched a series of videos in order to provide our customers with more in-depth information about the wide variety of services offered by TechnoAlpin. Members of the after-sales service team will present each individual section.

Video: troubleshooting courses

Around 450 people per year from all over the world have taken courses at the TechnoAlpin Academy in the past. “The aim is always to pass on important information which can be applied in practice, explaining how our machines are operated, how the maintenance process works and how simple problems can be solved. The courses cover this information for snow producers, pumping stations and software,” said Andreas Schwingshackl who heads up the team at the TechnoAlpin Academy.

Great emphasis is placed on practical training. The training room in Bolzano is therefore equipped with current snow producer models and a number of cutaway models, guaranteeing ideal conditions for those on the training courses. The qualified instructors also guarantee that the content is high quality and is taught in a comprehensible manner. Many courses are currently held in the ski areas or are offered online through the modern and intuitive online training portal. The information is explained in an efficient and simple manner.

“We are always happy to welcome customers on our Academy courses so that we can pass on our know-how to them,” added Andreas Schwingshackl who believes it is important to continue training customers. Watch the video about the TechnoAlpin Academy presented by Andreas Schwingshackl.

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