TechnoAlpin Academy 2020

TechnoAlpin has been running an extensive training program at its headquarters in Bolzano for many years. The aim is to pass on important information to the 450 or so who attend our courses every year from all over the world to learn about the operation and maintenance of snow guns, pumping stations and software. Technical problems can be prevented and operational safety can be increased with the knowledge acquired on the courses. The information makes it possible to use snowmaking systems even more efficiently.

TechnoAlpin will be running several courses again this year between March and June, offering a wide range of content and ensuring that every aspect of snowmaking systems is covered. The Academy runs special and general courses providing information about the structure, use and maintenance of snow guns, control systems and pumping stations. The subjects range from the basics on how the various types of machine are built and how they work. They then proceed to the use of the ATASSplus and Liberty control system and the electrics of snow guns right through to the valves, the workings of pumping stations and inspections. New products are continuously included in the existing modules. Two new training modules have also been developed in response to the demand. One is an in-depth course on the TR10 – the snow gun of the latest generation – and the other is a module dedicated entirely to the different lance models and their various valves.

The training room at the TechnoAlpin headquarters in Bolzano is spacious enough to accommodate snow guns and numerous cutaway models so the conditions are ideal. A tablet is available for each participant on the software training courses. The qualified trainers have a simple and efficient way of finding out what the course participants want to cover, underlining the importance of tailoring the content to the relevant needs in practice.

Simple one-click registration process

You can sign up for the various courses at your convenience through the TechnoAlpin Service Portal. Information on the availability of the courses can also be seen here along with the summary of course types, subjects, dates and prices.

TechnoAlpin will also send trainers out in cases where customers express an interest in running a course on site. Simply contact us at academy@technoalpin.com and we will work out a training program tailored to your individual requirements.

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