TechnoAlpin Nordic: The special challenges of the north

Customer centricity is one of the key values that define TechnoAlpin. Subsidiaries on all continents ensure fast and straightforward collaboration with customers and partners. Alongside its headquarters in Bolzano (Italy), the world market leader for snowmaking solutions is now represented at a total of 15 sites in 13 countries. The Nordic markets are managed by TechnoAlpin Nordic. Established in Sunne, Sweden, in 2015, today the branch office has 12 employees working in sales, customer service and administration. This subsidiary, then, is the first point of call for around 50 customers in Norway and Sweden.

The two markets present a number of unique challenges. First, the distances between or to the customers are often very long – an important factor when it comes to transport operations and service calls. Second, the climatic conditions can be dramatically different within a relatively close range: While the climate in the south and around the coasts is often quite mild, the north and inland areas can become very cold. These varying situations also have to be borne in mind for the snowmaking systems to be installed.

Special snowmaking applications

In the Scandinavian markets served, however, the customers as well as the general conditions can be quite special. While the Alpine ski resorts still make up the lion's share, Nordic centers with cross-country ski trails and ski jumping facilities are now also increasingly installing snowmaking systems. Snow producers can also be used for unusual purposes, during the World Rally Championship in Sweden for example, when snow canons might be needed on certain sections of the route now and again. Or at car testing facilities such as Arctic Falls, where a pumping station has been built and both propeller machines and the S6 indoor snow producer are used to simulate winter driving conditions. TechnoAlpin technology also comes into its own at the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, where fan-based snow producers are used to create the special snow formations for the premises.

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