The latest from the world of pits

World market leader, TechnoAlpin, is constantly improving, not only its snow guns, but also all of its other snowmaking system components. Pits are a key component of these systems. They provide the means to install all electrical and hydraulic components, guaranteeing water, electricity and data line hook-ups and generating an air supply, as required. Pits also provide the foundations for fixed application snow guns by anchoring them firmly to the ground. Which pit is suitable for a specific position depends on individual requirements, local conditions and the snow guns to be installed. For TechnoAlpin, close contact with the customer at the planning and installation stages of snowmaking projects is therefore essential. This is the only way to ensure that all products meet the requirements.

Two types of pit are generally used: Reinforced concrete and polyethylene pits. The light-weight structure and adequate stability of the latter provide the ideal foundation for fan guns. These light-weight pits are also suitable for airlifting, which makes them easier to transport and install. Mid-air installation, therefore, offers economic advantages, especially for ski resorts. Polyethylene pits are an attractive option because of their shorter installation times. This is due to the fact that they are generally supplied fully assembled. Both polyethylene and reinforced concrete pits can also be used to install pit heating and lighting

The new TechnoAlpin PE pit

The new TechnoAlpin PE pit is impressive, with its standardized tank made from polyethylene and individually adjustable steel structures, depending on application. The pit has an 80 x 80 cm entrance hatch. The special feature of this novel pit is its design. The hatch can be supplied in one or two parts and can therefore be tailor-made to suit local conditions.  The new two-part hatch increases health and safety in the workplace since, on this version, the electrical distribution box is attached to the inside of the hatch. It can be accessed simply by opening the hatch. Operators no longer have to climb down into the pit for this purpose. This new access hatch is also available on conventional reinforced concrete pits. The new polyethylene pit is available in four versions, making it the ideal base or foundation for several snow guns. The four versions currently available can be adapted precisely for use with mobile fan machines and lances, as well as for fan machines on towers and lifts. 

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