The story of innovation continues: the new PE pit from TechnoAlpin

Research and development are especially important to TechnoAlpin, which is why the innovation leader never stops working on all the components of snowmaking systems—including the pits. It is a well known fact that pits are extremely important for snowmaking systems because this is where the connections for the water supply, power supply, data network and, where needed, the air supply converge. Pits also provide the foundations for permanently installed snow producers, anchoring them firmly to the ground. Having developed its new polyethylene pit, TechnoAlpin has now developed a product which greatly simplifies the installation of the pit and the work of the snowmaking teams in winter.

More convenient and safer

The new PE pit consists of a standard tank made from polyethylene and hot-dip galvanized steel structures for stabilization. These structures can be individually adapted to the different snow producers that will be mounted on them. The four versions currently available are custom-built for use with mobile fan guns, lances and fan-based snow producers mounted on towers and lifts.

The new TechnoAlpin product is delivered fully assembled, significantly reducing installation time. The pit's most impressive feature, however, is its lightness, making it suitable for air travel and easier to transport. The steel structure may be lightweight, but it provides enough stability for the foundations of fan-based snow producers on lifts of up to 4.5 meters.

The pit has a standard 80 x 80 cm entrance hatch. It is therefore possible to install the multiple socket connection on the new two-part hatch. This solution enhances workplace safety, since the electrical distribution box is affixed to the inside of the hatch. It can therefore be accessed simply by opening the hatch. The operators no longer have to climb down into the pit for access, as is necessary with a conventional wall mounting system. Of course, the new PE pit is equipped with lighting and heating, as is every TechnoAlpin pit.

The new PE pit was recently demonstrated to the public in a live online presentation. The videos can be viewed on the TechnoAlpin YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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