TT10, tailor-made for the Praz ski jumps!

Built in 1990 to host the Olympic ski jumping events, as part of the 1992 Winter Games of Albertville (FR), the ski jump of Le Praz in Courchevel is one of the main jumping sites in France. With 4 jumps, Le Praz, which is operated by the municipality of Courchevel, must offer the best possible snow conditions to practitioners of this impressive Nordic discipline. In order to modernize the existing snowmaking installation, while optimizing production costs, Courchevel called on the expertise of TechnoAlpin.

Indeed, Le Praz, located at an altitude of 1,300m, frequently experiences difficult production conditions, as confirmed by Gilles Morat, in charge of the site:

“We have to start producing the 15,000m3 of snow necessary to operate the jump site from mid-November. During this period, temperatures are often marginal in Le Praz. Therefore, we need snow producers capable of making the best use of all the available cold windows, while producing a lot."

To solve this issue, TechnoAlpin suggested the installation of two TT10, the latest addition to the TechnoAlpin fan gun product line. After the first months of use, the new snow guns fulfilled their mission:

“In marginal conditions, we were able to produce from -1.5° C WB, and during colder periods, we went up to 28m3/h of water” explains Gilles Morat, who was thus able to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare the snow for the jump site.

For the site manager, these new snow guns offer another significant advantage:

The TT10 are much quieter than other fan guns. As the ski jumps are located 200m from the 1st houses, having snow guns with low noise emissions is something very positive for us and for the neighbors."

These 2 snow producers are strategically located between the 2 reception areas, in order to better distribute the snow. And Morat adds:

“The snow distribution is further optimized by the horizontal oscillation feature, which is adjustable to the nearest degree, in order to deposit the snow produced very precisely!”

To install the machines, a metal platform has been specially designed and set up between the reception areas. It will also allow summer maintenance operations to be carried out in complete safety, thanks to the TT10's lowering functionality, making the main components perfectly accessible.

With this tailor-made project based on the new TT10, TechnoAlpin was able to offer the optimal solution in Courchevel for the snowmaking of the ski jumps.

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