Winter destination: Uzbekistan

The ski area of Amirsoy is an entirely new development located just a few kilometers from the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, and it is one of the largest and most state-of-the-art ski areas in the country. Covering an area of 900 hectares on the edge of the Chatkal mountains near the border with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the resort has a total of 15 km of ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty at altitudes of up to 2,290 m above sea level. Amirsoy is also a pioneer because it is the first ski area in Uzbekistan ever to install a snowmaking system.

The ski area decided to work with TechnoAlpin on the construction and installation of the new system. The project was coordinated at local level by specialists from the innovation leader, thereby guaranteeing the flawless execution of all the steps. More than 40 powerful fan guns are installed in the ski area today. The project also included a pumping station and a booster station as well as two reservoirs with a total capacity of 100,000 m³. The snowmaking system has made Amirsoy a very attractive winter destination in Uzbekistan, which is why the snow quality plays a key role. The ATASSplus control software guarantees that all the windows of opportunity for snow generation can be fully exploited. Future expansion stages were also taken into account in the planning process.

The resort was officially opened shortly before Christmas 2019. Its facilities are open all year round and, in addition to the ski slopes in winter, there is also an extensive range of summer activities.

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