Thollon-Les-Mémises: Snow over Lake Geneva!

The ski resort in the town of Thollon Les Mémises, located in Haute-Savoie, close to the Swiss border, overlooks Lake Geneva and offers a stunning view of the Jura and the nearby Swiss Alps. Located at an altitude of 1,030 m, the family-friendly ski area offers 50 km of slopes up to an elevation of 1,880 m.

Thollon-Les-Mémises decided to make significant investments in the modernization of its ski area, notably its snowmaking system, in  order to secure its future and offer visitors the best possible snow conditions. The project has been entrusted to the expertise of TechnoAlpin, the world market leader.

The goal of the project was to renovate the existing small snowmaking system. In order to enable greater snowmaking flexibility, the operator wished to install snowmaking technology combined with lances and fans. In total, 55 Rubis Evo lances, 15 T40 fan guns and one TR8 have been installed on the slopes of the ski area. Two existing snow guns belonging to the ski area have been modernized.

Thanks to this modernization of the ski area, Thollon Les Mémises will secure its operation and ensure its continued success in future winter seasons. TechnoAlpin is very proud to be a part of it.

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