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For some years now TechnoAlpin has been allocating the budget for Christmas gifts to charity projects and good causes.

2020: A heavy blow

In 2020, we decided to support two families from one of our customers. Both experienced a sudden and heavy blow this year and lost a loved one at the same time. TechnoAlpin would like to use this gesture to help reduce their financial burdens to some extent.

2019: A Special Snow Day

For Christmas 2019, we have decided to give the children and young people at the South Tirol Children's Village a special treat and invite them to a Winter Sports' Day. Whether skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or simply hiking through the snow and enjoying the winter landscape, the children and young people from the 6 houses in the children's village can enjoy a fun-filled, care-free day in the snow. "A break from everyday routine is particularly important for children and young people living through difficult situations. Here they can recharge their batteries, switch off from difficult family life and enjoy new experiences to widen their horizons", explains Heinz Senoner, Director of the South Tirol Children's Village. "Because of the high costs associated with this type of winter sports event, these activities can only be arranged through donations. We are therefore delighted to accept TechnoAlpin's invitation to get all of our children and young people out in the snow". Between January and March 2020, the children and young people together with their supervisors/carers, will visit a South Tyrolean ski resort on various dates and participate in winter sports. TechnoAlpin will pay for all of their equipment, ski passes and meals.
The South Tirol Children's Village was founded in 1955 and has been supporting children, young people and their parents, whose lives do not always go to plan, ever since. It welcomes children and young people who are temporarily unable to live in their own homes and houses them in family-style accommodation or shared flats. Around 50 children and young people between three and 21 years of age are currently living in the Children's Village which are located in Brixen and Meran.

2018: Winter sports for all

We have been supporting a special awareness project for schools in 2018 which was set up by the A.S.D SPORT X ALL - Hans Erlacher Team initiative. The project is also backed by the Paralympic Committee. The team has been working for several years on this project which aims to increase awareness and understanding of people with disabilities in general and in winter sports in particular.
The project will arrange for 300 children from six different schools to go to the World Para Alpine Skiing World Cup in Sella Nevea (ITA). The 300 children come from different schools in the Italian provinces of Gorizia, Udine and Trieste, and also from Slovenia. An Argentinian exchange class will also take part in the project. The Para World Cup opener in Sella Nevea from December 17 to 22, 2018 is the highlight of the project featuring various events including workshops in the schools. “We believe that this is a valuable experience for the children and young people which they will remember forever in terms of encountering difference and coming face to face with the unfamiliar. This will change their understanding and their approach to tackling challenges, managing them and overcoming them in life,” said Luca Pancalli, President of the Italian Paralympic Committee, confident of positive results.
Unfortunately, making this exchange possible for so many children and young people is very expensive. The organizers have to finance all the transport, catering, workshops and fees themselves. We are happy to be able to support the organizers financially so that they can spread the values of inclusion and cohesion, both at Christmas and well into the future.

2017: A bitter blow

TechnoAlpin takes the budget funds earmarked for Christmas presents and donates them to people who have been dealt a severe blow by fate. In 2017 the money went to two girls from the Passeier Valley in South Tyrol (ITA) who lost both their parents within a few years. Where there has been so much suffering, TechnoAlpin wants at least to reduce the financial burden.

2016: Reconstruction in Italy

In 2016 our donation helped with the reconstruction work in the Amatrice region in Central Italy following the earthquakes.
In summer and autumn 2016, Central Italy was hit by several violent earthquakes. About 300 people lost their lives and innumerable houses were destroyed. TechnoAlpin has been donating its budget for Christmas gifts to worthy causes for several years. The construction work had to be put on hold for a long time because of the many aftershocks and the heavy snowfall in winter but it was finally possible to make a start in the spring of 2017.
The donation from TechnoAlpin went to the “Villaggio Romeo” project, which was undertaken on the initiative of the non-profit association 10 Agosto, and will mainly benefit the districts of Villa San Lorenzo and Flaviano. The project sets out to erect 15 mobile homes and a community center to house several basic infrastructures. Unlike the government initiatives which have also been started, Villaggio Romeo does not provide accommodation for permanent residents but for families who have a second home in the area. These “summer visitors” are and have always been an integral part of the local economy for Amatrice and other towns. Most have spent their leisure time in the region for generations and have close links to the local population. Villaggio Romeo aims to rekindle relationships with these groups and restore the economic strength on which the surrounding area depends. The community center will also be a meeting place for all residents of the area.
The project will be inaugurated on August 10th, 2017, around one year after the earthquake of August 24th, 2016. Please visit the following website for more information about the project:

2015: help for Nepal

In 2015 our donation helped with the rebuilding of a clinic in Thame, Nepal. April 25, 2015 – An earthquake hits Nepal. Buildings lie in ruins. Many people lose their homes, friends and family. In Thame, a Sherpa village in the mountains of Nepal, the earthquake destroys not only the houses of the inhabitants but also the local clinic which provided free primary care for the villagers. Without this clinic, the Sherpas have a five-hour walk to reach the nearest hospital. We decided to help with the reconstruction of the Thame clinic and its adjoining school for nurses. So we helped Kami Temba, the local doctor, to coordinate the reconstruction.
The task proved to be very laborious. Building materials like wood, cement and iron are not available locally and have to be transported from Kathmandu to Thame on routes which are frequently destroyed by monsoon rains. As a result, not only the cost of building materials but also transportation costs have risen steeply.
Despite the circumstances, however, the Thame clinic was rebuilt with the help of the donations. This was a great relief, especially for many elderly patients whose frailty prevented them from making the journey to the nearest hospital in Khunde.
We are pleased that we were able to help the residents of Thame at this difficult time and that once again they have a clinic where they can receive free primary care.

2014: the gift of laughter

In 2014 we decided to do something to bring a smile to the faces of the children from various SOS Children's Villages. Around 300 children in total received an invitation from TechnoAlpin to spend a day skiing. "The skiing day is something really special for the children and teenagers", said Jörg Schmidt, Director of the SOS Children's Village in Imst (Austria), "when they can get away from their daily routine and forget about their worries – and in some cases traumatic experiences – for a few hours". Some of the children who accepted the invitation were beginners and so had their first taste of winter sports.
The ski resorts of Dachstein West, Nassfeld, Mönichkirchen and Sölden were generous in their support of the TechnoAlpin initiative. It would not have been possible to invite so many children without their kind input and cooperation.
The campaign was also TechnoAlpin's way of giving its customers a special gift. What can be better than the gift of a heartfelt smile and laughter of a child? A film was made to share the fun and laughter of the skiing days with all of TechnoAlpin's customers and to share a bit of pre-Christmas spirit around the world. You can watch the film here.

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