Help for people in need

For some years now TechnoAlpin has been allocating the budget for Christmas gifts to charity projects and good causes.

2015: help for Nepal

In 2015 our donation helped with the rebuilding of a clinic in Thame, Nepal.

April 25, 2015 – An earthquake hits Nepal. Buildings lie in ruins. Many people lose their homes, friends and family. In Thame, a Sherpa village in the mountains of Nepal, the earthquake destroys not only the houses of the inhabitants but also the local clinic which provided free primary care for the villagers. Without this clinic, the Sherpas have a five-hour walk to reach the nearest hospital. We decided to help with the reconstruction of the Thame clinic and its adjoining school for nurses. So we helped Kami Temba, the local doctor, to coordinate the reconstruction.

The task proved to be very laborious. Building materials like wood, cement and iron are not available locally and have to be transported from Kathmandu to Thame on routes which are frequently destroyed by monsoon rains. As a result, not only the cost of building materials but also transportation costs have risen steeply.

Despite the circumstances, however, the Thame clinic was rebuilt with the help of the donations. This was a great relief, especially for many elderly patients whose frailty prevented them from making the journey to the nearest hospital in Khunde.

We are pleased that we were able to help the residents of Thame at this difficult time and that once again they have a clinic where they can receive free primary care.

2014: the gift of laughter

In 2014 we decided to do something to bring a smile to the faces of the children from various SOS Children's Villages. Around 300 children in total received an invitation from TechnoAlpin to spend a day skiing. "The skiing day is something really special for the children and teenagers", said Jörg Schmidt, Director of the SOS Children's Village in Imst (Austria), "when they can get away from their daily routine and forget about their worries – and in some cases traumatic experiences – for a few hours". Some of the children who accepted the invitation were beginners and so had their first taste of winter sports.

The ski resorts of Dachstein West, Nassfeld, Mönichkirchen and Sölden were generous in their support of the TechnoAlpin initiative. It would not have been possible to invite so many children without their kind input and cooperation.

The campaign was also TechnoAlpin's way of giving its customers a special gift. What can be better than the gift of a heartfelt smile and laughter of a child? A film was made to share the fun and laughter of the skiing days with all of TechnoAlpin's customers and to share a bit of pre-Christmas spirit around the world. You can watch the film here.